November 6, 2012

Election Day: Lacrosse Magazine At The Polls

Red state, blue state, lacrosse state? Election Day has Lacrosse Magazine in the voting mood.

Let your voice be heard on the lacrosse-related questions below, ranging from serious matters such as headgear in the women's game to the more jovial like your preference of lacrosse-team-created viral videos: "Call Me Maybe" vs. "Gagnam Style."

Every vote counts. Polls close at 3 p.m. ET Wednesday.

Have more to say? Send your comments using the Facebook section below and use the hastag #laxpolls to talk about your votes on Twitter @LacrosseMag.
(Image above: © Kevin P. Tucker)


Barack Obama would likely play what position?

Midfield 25%
Attack 21%
Defensive midfield 14%
Faceoff specialist 11%
Long-stick midfield 10%
Goalie 10%
Defense 9%

Mitt Romney would likely play what position?

Attack 32%
Midfield 14%
Defense 14%
Faceoff specialist 13%
Defensive midfield 9%
Long-stick midfield 9%
Goalie 9%

What area of the USA has the best lacrosse?

Baltimore 37%
Long Island 27%
Other 12%
Central New York 9%
Philadelphia 9%
Denver 4%
California 2%
Texas 0%


Is the pace of play in men's collegiate lacrosse...

Just right 54%
Too slow 43%
Too fast 3%

Is the pace of play in women's collegiate lacrosse...

Too slow 60%
Just right 39%
Too fast 1%

Vice president Joe Biden is on record as a big lacrosse fan [Video]. Would you want him to coach your team?

No 74%
Yes 26%


Best lacrosse-team-related viral video parody?

 Duke's "Call Me Maybe" 55%
George Washington's "Gagnam Style" 45%

Should there be a minumum age limit (16 years old, for example) prior to which contacting high school recruits is not permitted by college coaches?

Yes 85%
No 15%

Should there be helmets in women's lacrosse?

No 75%
Yes 24%

What are your thoughts on specialization (LSMs, FOGOs, SSDMs, draw specialists, etc.)?

For 68%
Against 32%

There are no term limits in college lacrosse...Which national champ is most likely to repeat?

Northwestern (WD1) 44%
Salisbury (MD3) 23%
Loyola (MD1) 16%
Trinity (WD3) 4%
Colorado State (MCLA-1) 4%
St. Thomas (MCLA-2) 4%
LIU-Post (WD2) 3%
North Carolina (WCLA-2) 3%
UC Davis (WCLA-1) 1%
Dowling (MD2) 0% blogger Lyndsey Munoz made the case for women's player to wear shorts instead of skirts or kilts. What say you?

Skirts 52%
Shorts 48%

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