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posted 05.12.14 at 6.00 p.m. by Stephen Berger

US Lacrosse at the MCLAs: Monday Morning Kick-Start

The 'Chill Zone'

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We are here all day at the UC Irvine facility and it's a pretty amazing scene. There are four lacrosse fields surrounding an awesome vendor village and the USL Player Chill Zone, with some great lacrosse representation from Lax World, Adrenaline Lacrosse, Encore Lacrosse and MOTIVE Pure, which is here keeping the guys hydrated.

The first few words that jumped to my mind to describe the scene at the MCLA championships: awesome, fun, exciting, chill, and passion! When I arrived at UC Irvine this morning, the smell of lacrosse smacked me right in the face. It was awesome to see the coaches and teams all warming up, with parents and fans claiming their sideline seats for the big day of action. It is really a great environment!

So to get everyone a little more dialed in on the sights and sounds -- here are a few "Did You Know" facts and info around the MCLA championships:

1) Fans can check out all the games on TLN – The Lacrosse Network. Pretty awesome that TLN is here this week and streaming all of the games LIVE, with commentary on each game. Check it out at Rumor has it that Johnny Christmas will also be calling a game or two, and I'm hoping to jump in with some color for a game or two as well. Stay tuned to find out more by following me at @sberger13 or @The_MCLA.

2) US Lacrosse Hall of Famer Michael Watson (class of 2013) is here with Motive Pure. They are helping to keep the players and myself well hydrated. That will help as I get ready to play Charlotte this weekend when I get back to Boston for game four of the MLL season.

3) Encore Lacrosse, with reps Christmas and Neil, are a great new sponsor of the MCLA player of month this year. And US Lacrosse is a sponsor of the Godekeraw Award for the player of the year, which will be announced later this week.

4) Simon Frasier University is here as the only MCLA team from Canada, and the team is truly international. Five members of the teams (Clare-England, Vickers-Scotland, Bailey-China, Chisholm-Thailand, Vanden Wildendergh-Belgium) will represent other nations during the 2014 World Championships in Denver.

We've got both Division I and Division II first round games throughout the day.

More updates to come.