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posted 04.09.2013 at 12.17 p.m. by Connor Buczek

Senior Day Hijinks, Bus Karaoke and Tan Lines Preferred Over Frozen Fingers

Connor Buczek

Hello from sunny Ithaca! Since I checked in last, we have played three games, two of which were in the always-challenging Ivy League. We beat Siena and Dartmouth at home then traveled to Cambridge and beat a tough Harvard team this past Saturday.

We take great pride in these Ivy League wins because every time we play a league opponent it's a battle for 60-plus minutes, regardless of either team's hype or record. So although every win is special to us, the Ivy wins are particularly special because we know that when it comes down to it, our ticket to the NCAA tournament is the automatic qualifier from our league.

Over the last week weeks, there have been several highlights that you probably wouldn't have read about from any of the normal press releases, so I'll give you a little insight into our Senior Day ceremonies, our reaction to the beautiful weather, and the rise of a few musical stars.

Last Saturday, after our final home game of the regular season, we held our annual Senior Day celebration, which is headlined by the senior roast. Each of our 16 seniors was honored and roasted by one of the underclassmen on the team during the post-game ceremony. The group was praised for their efforts on the field and in the classroom throughout their careers but also given a bit of a hard time for some of their quirks.

Some of the highlights of the night were Connor Entenmann's (attack, #26) description of a typical trip to Chipotle for Steve Mock (attack, #6), Mike O'Neil's (midfield, #28) reading of Shane Henry's (long-stick midfielder, #37) social stat line, and Jordan Stevens' (defense, #35) improvements to the workout plan known as "Body by Fiore" (goalie, #47).

The Senior Day events took place a little earlier than usual this year, but by no means are we ready to say good-bye to our seniors just yet. The ceremony simply marked the beginning of the final stretch of the season as we have three more regular season games on the road to try and bring the Ivy League tournament back to Schoellkopf Field.

Next, we have had great luck with the weather the past few days as the sun has finally begun to shine again in Ithaca and spring appears to have finally sprung. After playing lacrosse in snow showers and blustery wind over the past two months, the 60 and sunny weather has been a nice reprieve for the entire team.

We all took full advantage of the beautiful Sunday afternoon by lying out and catching some rays while enjoying each other's company. California bred attackman Sean Doyle (#44) was undoubtedly the first person to make moves for the outdoors when the sun finally shone, sporting his Ray-Ban sunglasses and colorful tank top for the rest of the Cornell student body to see. Jordan Stevens and I both tried to get a little color to these pasty bodies of ours, but it's safe to say we are still a ways away from mid-summer color. Also, with the addition of the sun, we are looking forward to the inevitable lacrosse pad tan lines that will ensue, but I will take tan lines over frozen fingers any day of the week.

Finally, we have implemented a new form of entertainment for bus rides when we all start to get a little restless. During the 5 1/2 hour bus trip to Harvard, the team became a little disinterested in the movie selection and with only about an hour or so to kill before arrival we decided that it would be fun to get team karaoke going.

Without hesitation, the fearless Sean Doyle was the first to offer his services as he performed his own remix of "Promiscuous" by Nelly Furtado. Although the high note was not the strength of his performance, his stage presence was undeniable as he ad-libbed some of the words during his own personal remix. The next volunteer was Canadian goalie Brennan Donville (#1). Brennan kicked it old school as he pulled out all the stops in his performance of "I Want It That Way" by The Backstreet Boys. As I tweeted after his performance, I'd have to rate the Canadian musical talents as such: 1) Justin Bieber, 2) Brennan Donville and 3) Nickelback. Feel free to dispute me, but that's the way I see it.

This week we are traveling to the Carrier Dome to play against the Syracuse Orange with central New York supremacy on the line. Feel free to tune into ESPNU on Wednesday night at 6 p.m. ET to catch the matchup. Thanks again for reading! I'll check back again in two weeks.

Connor Buczek

P.S. — A special thanks to the Harrington family for hosting us at their beautiful home in Massachusetts for our pregame meal on Friday night! The Big Red Family never fails to take great care of our team.

For more about Connor, check out his bio page on the Big Red men's lacrosse website here, and read his past blogs from this summer with the U.S. under-19 men's team here.