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posted 04.30.2013 at 12.26 p.m. by Connor Buczek

Buczek: Locker Room Pranks, Saltine Challenge and Big Weekend Ahead

Connor Buczek

Hey everyone! Since my last blog, we have been busy in Ithaca finishing out our regular season and preparing for the postseason. We have played three games during this span, against Syracuse, Brown and Princeton. We lost a close one to a good Syracuse team in the Carrier Dome, but have used that loss as motivation and fuel to prepare us to round out our regular-season slate. We were able to earn victories in our final two games against tough Ivy League opponents on the road. With that being said, it will be nice to return to the friendly confines of Schoellkopf Field this weekend for the Ivy League tournament.

As the season wears on and classes begin winding down, guys have been spending more time in the locker room doing extra work, watching extra film, and just hanging out. This time in the locker room when the whole team isn't always around inevitably leads to some hijinks.

The way our lockers are set up, we put all of our shoes on the top. This includes our running shoes, turf shoes, cleats, etc. This setup leads to one of the most common locker room pranks of tying a teammate's shoelaces together so that all of their shoes are connected. When that player tries to pull down their cleats for practice, inevitably an avalanche of shoes falls on top of them.

One of the notorious pranksters on the team is Thomas Keith (LSM, #12) so he tends to be the target of some of the shenanigans, especially when the culprit is in the sophomore class. One of the more recent, and clever, pranks to be administered was when Keith put on his helmet for practice only to realize that someone had put shaving cream on his chinstrap. This was the first prank of its kind in the Cornell Lacrosse locker room, and although I don't think the offender was ever officially named, they definitely deserve credit for creativity.

We have spent a lot of time traveling in the past few weeks, so in order to pass time faster on these trips we have come up with different ways of entertaining ourselves. One solution was the bus karaoke that I talked about last blog. More recently, we have resorted to trying to bust the myth that six saltine crackers cannot be eaten in less than one minute. We had two challengers on our trip to Providence, R.I. when we played Brown two weekends ago. The first attempt, by Tom Freshour (Defense, #15) was an epic failure, to be generous. After 30 seconds and two saltines he called it quits stating that the challenge was impossible. Next, Doug Tesoriero (Faceoff Specialist, #16) claimed that he had done it before. Inevitably, we made him prove it to the team. After the minute time frame, all six crackers were eaten but the general consensus was that he still did not technically eat all six. Most people, me included, believe he was still hiding almost a full chewed saltine in his cheeks. I'll keep you updated if anyone successfully completes the challenge.

Finally, this weekend we had the opportunity to play on the big stage at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. against league rival Princeton. Once again, the Cornell alumni base was able to provide the team with a special opportunity by arranging a tour of the new facilities. Cornell Lacrosse alum, Mike Levine '93, set up a tour of the brand new MetLife stadium and accompanying Giants' practice facility, known as the Timex Performance Center. Our team is filled with Giants fans, so it was certainly a nice treat for the entire squad. (The accompanying picture is of Jack Molloy (Attack, #39) in front of Victor Cruz's locker during our tour of the Timex Performance Center.) With that being said, we would like to send a special thanks to Giants' Senior VP of Corporate Partnerships, John Maguire, for leading our tour.

We were able to earn a hard-fought win on Saturday against a solid Princeton team on national television to earn the undisputed regular-season Ivy League crown. Next up we have a rematch set with the Tigers for 8 p.m. on Friday night at Schoellkopf Field in the Ivy League Tournament. Thanks for reading! I will check back soon to keep you updated on the outcome of the Ivy Tournament.

Porch Day in Ithaca,
Connor Buczek

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