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posted 11.15.13 at 12-00 p.m. by Sean Burns

Lacrosse 14 Kickstarter Entering Final Push

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Game Screenshot via Crosse Studios

With about 12 hours remaining in its kickstarter fundraising project, Lacrosse 14 is into six figures, but needs a big final push to make it to the goal mark of 210,000 for funding the next generation of lacrosse video game for both platforms and PC.

As of 11:30 this morning, the project had 1,100 backers pledging financial support, to the tune of $116,864. An impressive number, no doubt, but still short of the number needed to trigger funding unless a substantial late push happens before the midnight deadline tonight.

"The response from the community has been awesome," says Crosse Studios founder Carlo Sunseri, who has previously produced the College Lacrosse, NLL Lacrosse and Lacrosse Dodge games for Xbox and mobile platforms but hopes to expand to PlayStation and PC with this next release. "I had no idea what to expect when we first launched and have been completely blown away."

The breakdown in pledges has been widespread, with options as low as a $5 pledge that would earn an exclusive download of a background for your computer (43 at this level) all the way up to $1,800 – which five have backed, earning themselves a DI team with a high rating customized with logos and likenesses. There is also a $10,000 option for sponsorship which would include logos on the stadiums as well as all the previous levels. Thus far none have opted for that option (though Carlo – ever the salesman – tried to get me to see if US Lacrosse wanted in... no dice so far though).

Success in the Kickstarter appeared off to a good start at the outset, as fans took to social media to goad their pals into chipping in as well and thousands of dollars of pledges rolled in. Sunseri was active from the start, posting video discussing potential add-ons for the game and modes as they were visualized for production, and screenshots of development sketches.

"The entire campaign has been a great learning experience, he said. "For me personally, marketing, promotion, and public relations are undeniably one of the most difficult parts of running a business. It's a full time job that takes a lot of time and energy.

"I would rather be focusing on building the video game, but that's part of being an entrepreneur... You have to be able to accomplish everything that comes across your desk... I can tell you this, I'm trying my best and the majority of my energy is spent on thinking how to make better lacrosse video games."

Whether or not the goal is met by the deadline – with Kickstarter funding, pledges only kick in if the goal is met, in this case being slightly less than $100,000 away – Sunseri plans to continue making lacrosse games and hopes that Lacrosse 14 will become a reality as it is concepted.

"I won't ever stop making lacrosse video games. It's my passion and my life's work. One day there will be a lacrosse video game sitting next to NHL, FIFA, and Madden on the shelves ...That's my goal."