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posted 12.17.13 at 3.00 p.m. by Sean Burns

Project 9.9 Webisodes Brings Lax to Slow Season

Project 9.9 - Trailer from Josh Lane on Vimeo.

This time of year can be a tough spot for lax fans - fallball is in the rear view mirror, the college season is still a ways off (though it edges closer to January with every passing year, it seems), and even the NLL hasn't yet gotten its games going.

Thankfully, we've got occasional things like the video above, the first of a three-part webisode on the Rabil/Millon Project 9.9 to tide us over.

For those not aware of the camp, it's a fairly new (2013 was its second year) spin on the recruiting scene. Mainly in the fact that it's not so much about 'recruiting' the way that most of the camps over every summer and fall are - various attempts at getting as many college coaches eyes onto as many players as possible with varying levels of success and pedigree - but about getting committed players ready for that first day stepping on the practice field at the collegiate level.

"It's really built off the key experiences we had as players," says Rabil, the reigning MVP of the FIL World Championships who hopes to make Team USA's 2014 roster in January after the Champion Challenge. "Think of it as 'finishing school' for high school. We try to take good players and turn them into great ones."

For Millon, who has seen the explosion of recruiting and changes wrought in the game since his college career in the early 1990s, the camp offers a chance to help bring things back to an earlier type of play. "As good as the game has gotten overall, I think we've seen a lot of the players' individual skill erode a bit," the longtime MLL star and two-time All-World selection said. "The bottom line, this is for these kids because we're passionate about helping them build their game."

The film covers the weekend-long event - where players spend from morning till night working with camp staff on everything from practice drills to proper strength training and nutrition information - and will be released in three webisode segments. The filmmaker was brought on board after becoming a 'YouTube phenomenon' in lacrosse, according to Rabil.

We'll be sure to share the second and third installment when they come around.