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posted 01.01.2013 at 11.00 a.m. by Jac Coyne

Spoiler: Small School Tourney Brackets

I was going to be lazy and open this blog with some kind of tired reference to the ill-fated Mayan apocalypse, but I think we're all past that now. Plus, I have the cocktail flu and early-onset guilt complex from the laundry list of resolutions that will fizzle out by "Squirrel Appreciation Day."

So let's just say that I predicted what teams are going to make the small school tourneys, as well as the opening brackets, in hopes of occupying 10 minutes of your new year. And we'll just leave it at that.

NCAA Division II

Dowling at Le Moyne winner vs. Merrimack at NYIT winner
Tampa at Mercyhurst winner vs. Limestone at Seton Hill winner

NCAA Division III

Drew at Washington College winner at Stevenson (Bye)
Eastern at Lynchburg winner vs. Aurora at Cabrini winner
Greensboro at Salisbury winner vs. Colorado College at Denison winner
Birmingham Southern at Dickinson winner vs. Adrian at Gettysburg winner
Colby at Union winner at Cortland (Bye)
Whittier at Conn. College winner at Tufts (Bye)
Eastern Conn. at RIT winner vs. Norwich at Springfield winner
Montclair State at Stevens winner vs. New England College at Western New England winner

MCLA Division I

No. 16. Southern Methodist vs. No. 1. Arizona State
No. 15. Wisconsin vs. No. 2. Colorado State
No. 14. Northeastern vs. No. 3. Chapman
No. 13. Minnesota-Duluth vs. No. 4. Colorado
No. 12. Connecticut vs. No. 5. Michigan State
No. 11. California vs. No. 6. BYU
No. 10. Pittsburgh vs. No. 7. Virginia Tech
No. 9. Simon Fraser vs. No. 8. Sonoma

MCLA Division II

No. 16. Sam Houston State vs. No. 1. Grand Valley State
No. 15. Washington U. vs. No. 2. St. Thomas
No. 14. Grove City vs. No. 3. Westminster
No. 13. Liberty vs. No. 4. Concordia (Calif.)
No. 12. St. Mary's vs. No. 5. North Dakota State
No. 11. Western Oregon vs. No. 6. SCAD
No. 10. Briarcliffe vs. No. 7. St. John's
No. 9. Dayton vs. No. 8. Indiana Tech