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posted 01.15.2013 at 2.47 p.m. by Jac Coyne

Marywood Men Heading to Long Island in Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

The impact of Hurricane Sandy and the human toll it took in NY/NJ area has faded to the background, but there is still plenty of relief work to be done. As such, the Marywood men's lacrosse team, based in Scranton, Pa., is heading to Rockaway Park, N.Y. — a town located on a peninsula on the southwestern side of Long Island — this Friday through Sunday to help the cause.

"As soon as the hurricane happened, a number of the men approached me suggesting we should help with all the work that would need to be done in order to recover from the devastation," said Scott Dalgliesh, Marywood's second-year head coach. "With the help of our Campus Ministry and Community Service Office, we were able to find a place to sleep and shower."

The team will be sleeping at the Immaculate Conception School in nearby Queens while showering and eating its meals at the Bishop Molloy Retreat House. "We are very grateful to Fr. Peter Grace for opening his doors to us and allowing us to use their facilities," Dalgliesh said.

The Pacers were also aided by the generosity of Bill Riff, who is the district manager for several Wal-Mart stores in the Mid-Atlantic region. Riff, whose sons attend the Marywood lacrosse camps, has agreed to donate supplies, sleeping bags and sundry items to assist the players in helping the community.

This venture will not be a quick one — it will take up one of the last remaining weekends before the start of the season, as the schedule below details:

Friday - Jan. 18
3:15pm Depart campus in Marywood vans and stop for dinner on the way
7:00pm Arrive depending on traffic

Saturday - Jan. 19
8:00am Light breakfast at monastery (cereal, toast)
8:30am Remove belongings from gym because there are basketball games scheduled
9:30am Relief work in Rockaway
12:30pm Lunch on site of relief work
4:30pm Back to monastery to shower
5:30pm Dinner at local restaurant

Sunday - Jan. 20
8:00am Mass (for those who would like to attend) followed by Sunday brunch
10:00am Relief work in Rockaway
1:00pm Lunch on site of Relief work
4:30pm Depart for monastery to shower and gather belongings
6:15pm Depart for Marywood and stop for dinner on the way back
9:45pm Arrive at Marywood

Dalgliesh and his Marywood players are by no means the only lacrosse teams that have aided those hit hardest by Sandy. The aid provided by lacrosse players has been widespread and prolific. But with many outside of the sport eager to point out the shortcomings of lacrosse players whenever they are given the chance, it's nice to remind everyone that there are many who are doing things for all the right reasons.