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posted 02.06.2012 at 10.01 a.m. by Jac Coyne

Monday Notebook: MCLA Division I

- For a lot of teams, having a 27-man roster might seem a tad thin, but when No. 18 Simon Fraser has that many bodies on the sidelines, it is a bounty.

"I'm happy to let you know that I have all their names down," deadpanned Fraser head coach Brent Hoskins.

After having only 19 players on the roll last spring – a year in which the Clansmen couldn't win the key games it needed – the added depth across the board should keep SFU fresher for the important contests in April and May.

"It's definitely nice to have," Hoskins said of the added numbers. "With the style of play we've become known for, the level that we compete at and the type of schedule we put together, that depth does come in handy. We've got by with small rosters in the past and been very competitive, but I definitely wouldn't argue that some added depth can be a huge benefit come playoff time."

In addition to the overall numbers, the Vancouver, B.C., school also boasts four American players on the roster – one of the highest numbers in the program's history.

"We focused a lot of our recruiting efforts down south, as well, and we do try to play a bit of a hybrid style, so it's nice to add some top American talent into that mix," Hoskins said.

Fraser squeezed by MCLA-II Western Washington over the weekend, 16-12. Next up is a trip to Boise and games with the Broncos and top-ranked BYU.

- Northeastern got a jump on the season this past weekend, becoming the first northern team to play games this early. The Huskies traveled to Tuscaloosa and defeated both LSU (11-9) and Alabama (15-4). Those victories won't send shivers up the spines of any of Northeastern's PCLL rivals nor will catch the eye of pollsters, which makes the decision to make the trip somewhat curious.

Typically teams who make a trek of that length (1,250 miles) try to get as much bang for the buck, and that means playing tournament-quality teams. With budget dollars at a premium, most schools just can't afford to not make maximize the competition. Giving all due respect to LSU and Alabama, they just aren't premium teams – at least not yet, anyway.

The rest of Northeastern's schedule does a hold a clue as to why they may have chosen a couple of second-tier SELC teams for this foray. Next month, the Huskies hop another flight, this time to the desert to face Arizona, Arizona State and Grand Canyon – an extremely challenging trip for NU. Perhaps flush with cash, Northeastern decided to get a warm up in early to ensure it was ready for the tougher games later. We'll find out whether it works, but right now the Huskies are 2-0 and evidently right where they want to be.

- Congrats to both Connor Martin and Mike Pelly for their induction into the Chapman lacrosse the Hall of Fame. You all know Martin, but the recognition of Pelly is a long time coming. Now the Vice Chancellor and Dean of Enrollment Management at Chapman, Pelly was there at the beginning of the program and has been critical to the success the Panthers currently enjoy. "We opened our 25th season tonight," said Pelly, after Chapman throttled UNLV, 21-4, on Friday night. "I can't believe another season is already here."

- Simon Fraser and BYU will play their game next Saturday on the blue field at Bronco Stadium. Boise State will also play the Cougars and the Clan on the Smurf Turf on Friday and Sunday, respectively...No. 14 Clemson is off to a 2-0 start, but the 13-10 win over N.C. State was a little closer than expected. The Tigers host No. 20 Central Florida and No. 5 Boston College this weekend...Georgia Tech rebounded from it's loss to Kennesaw State last week by manhandling Ole Miss, 14-3...beating Cal State Fullerton, 7-6, may not bode well for San Diego State considering the Aztecs have BYU, Arizona State, Cal Poly and UCSB on the docket this spring.