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posted 03.22.2011 at 10.00 a.m. by Jac Coyne

Morning Jac: Weekend Quote Dump

I spoke with a lot of coaches and players this past week, and only a fraction of the quotes made the actual stories. Here are a couple of leftovers.

"Stevenson is such a dynamic offensive team that we're going to need everyone's best effort on Saturday. They are extremely talented in the midfield and on attack, good defense, solid goalie, good faceoff man. Stevenson is a complete team, without a doubt, and there's a reason they are doing what they are doing this year. We're going to need everyone's best effort." – Cortland head coach Steve Beville.

"We try not to pit the offense against the defense too much on our team. We talk about it as a whole collective team. If the defense is making stops, we're getting more possessions. If we have more possessions than that's more chances to put the ball in the back of the net. We try not to talk about it too much. It'll just divide the team." – Cortland senior middie Chris DeLuca, on whether the Red Dragon offense has felt a need to pick up their play considering what the defense has done.

"We've always been pretty close as a league. We've been playing close with some pretty good teams, but haven't been able to get over the hump. This year is looking more and more like we're ready to get over the hump. It'll end up being pretty exciting in the league." – Skidmore coach Jack Sandler, on the Thoroughbred's prospects in the Liberty League this spring.

"I've been doing it just about my whole life, so it's nothing new. If anything, it's probably better for me because I'm always working hard to prove myself and make sure that no one's thinking that I'm only playing because I'm the coach's son or something like that." – Central Florida senior attackman John Drehoff, on playing for his father.

"I feel like on any given day we can beat anybody. We have the talent to beat anybody. But if GVSU plays like they did tonight, they'll be tough to beat for anybody. The St. Thomas game was no fluke. They are playing with more of a team approach than what they have done in the past. Plus, they have a lot of weapons." – Davenport head coach Bob Clarkson, after losing to Grand Valley State on Thursday.

"We came out in the second half and exerted ourselves and got control of the game again. But that was a hairy one. We're usually good for one or two of those a year. Part of it is our philosophy to play a lot of guys. We try to get 40 guys in during those games because sometimes it's the only opportunity to do it, and they deserve it." – Wesleyan head coach John Raba, on only leading Farmingdale by a goal last week at halftime.

"As a coach, I'm not really teaching the game, I'm creating memories. I got to play at Navy and I have fantastic memories. This is the best game in the world and I got to coach it 10 years in high school and now going on the second year at UCF. I have the same philosophy: I've got to make it fun." – Central Florida head coach John Drehoff.

"Our first phone call was to Salisbury to see if we could make it work. We'll always try to make it work, but it just didn't line up with our break. During those five years we've gone down to Roanoke, Haverford, but last year there were some changes in the Centennial league schedule, so that's why we played that Skidmore game on Long Island. We're always looking to play one of those top southern teams, if possible." – Tufts head coach Mike Daly, on how the Stevenson game came about.

"I don't think it will be that big of a factor. We're in pretty good shape and we're happy with our conditioning. I think it showed when we were able to hold on there at the end when they had long possessions and we didn't give Cortland the quality shots they were looking for." – Stevenson head coach Paul Cantabene, on whether playing three high-end games in eight days would wear down his team.

Best & Worst
Best part about today: The race for the NCAA Division II Wild Card is officially wide open after No. 4 Merrimack's loss to No. 12 Catawba last night. The only contenders without a loss now are C.W. Post and Limestone, so every game is officially a playoff contest from here on out in MD2.

Worst part about today: Head cold. More annoying than anything else, but it gets old very quickly.