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posted 03.24.2011 at 10.02 a.m. by Jac Coyne

Morning Jac: Stevenson Athletic Department Aces the Exam

Before you go any further, read Corey McLaughlin's recap of the epic Tufts-Stevenson game and sidebar. Corey's a certified Division I guy -- and Penn State's biggest fan -- but he put in overtime to live blog the game last night.

Had the same situation occurred at a lot of other schools, last night's game between Stevenson and Tufts would not have happened.

The hoops that were jumped through -- from making the determination the home field would not be ready to perhaps twisting a couple of arms to allow the game to start anywhere up to 10 p.m. -- by the Stevenson athletic department to allow the best game in Division III this year to go off was outside of what a lot of institutions would have done. And it deserves recognition.

Obviously, it starts with a strong leader. While he certainly has a competent staff around him -- including associate AD and Mustang head coach Paul Cantabene -- Brett Adams undoubtedly gets all of the grief from alums and fans when something goes wrong, so he gets the credit when Stevenson comes up aces.

The commitment shown by Stevenson to their student-athletes (as well as the graciousness shown to Tufts) began with shelling out the extra scratch to use the Towson facility and continued when the athletic department likely had to pick up the overtime pay of the Towson facility personnel.

Remember, this game wasn't going to cost Stevenson anything. Tufts incurred nearly all of the costs for the trip down, so Adams could have shrugged his shoulders, said, "Tough luck," and given the Jumbos a couple of vouchers for Subway on the way back to Medford.

That would have been the small potatoes, Division IV move, however. Stevenson is building a brand, and on Wednesday night they told the rest of NCAA Division III -- and the lacrosse world -- that the Mustang name is synonymous with quality.

Best & Worst
Best part about today: Did the weekly grocery shopping this morning and found 1.5 inch-thick, New York strip steaks for $3.25/pound. I wiped them out and packed the trunk freezer. My grill is going to be working overtime this spring. Check that. My grill will be working six overtimes this spring.

Worst part about today: Feels like the day after Christmas now that the Tufts-Stevenson game has been played. There are not a whole lot of marquee games this weekend.