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posted 03.29.2011 at 9.55 a.m. by Jac Coyne

Morning Jac: Weekend Quote Dump

Every week I have leftover quotes from the various people I speak with during the week that don't make the stories for which they were intended. Here are a couple:

"If teams want to score 10 goals against us, they'll have to do it 10 different ways. You might get a goal man-up or you might get a goal after a ground ball, but teams aren't scoring the same way twice, and that's huge for us. There's no question that when I first got here I just wanted to out-score guys. Now, I want to score goals, but let's not let up any easy goals. I finally have six poles that I trust, if not seven, and these teams are earning everything they get. There is no question it is going to play a huge role, as well as faceoffs." – Arizona State head coach Chris Malone on the Sun Devils defense heading into the Colorado State game.

"You can't allow transition goals; that's the book on ASU. That goes to our offense being smart with the ball and not having turnovers in bad places on the field. I don't know if there is an equivalent to the hockey blue-line turnover, but we can't have turnovers at the top of the box where they can get running into transition. That's definitely where their strength is. If we have good ball possession and limit transitions, our offense will be our best defense on Friday." Colorado State head coach Alex Smith on how to beat the Sun Devils.

"We brought the team to Walter Reed hospital, where they saw a bunch of Marines who were in pretty rough shape. After the game on Wednesday, I said 'We're going to the White House!' So we went to the White House and it was a great experience for the kids. Unfortunately, we didn't win, but we're on the charter going back to Union and we're getting ready to play Ithaca. We are proud to be a part of it." – Union coach Paul Wehrum on the experiences his players had traveling down to Georgetown, even though the Dutchmen lost in six overtimes to Conn. College.

"I think our goalies will be the first ones to say that we were struggling. We were giving up 15-to-17 yard shots on a regular basis. If you look at the Amherst game, we had five saves, and if you look at the Union game, we had 18 saves. You are not going to win too many games when you're goalie only makes five or six saves, especially in a zone where we give up a lot of shots. That's a recipe for a disaster." – Conn. College coach Dave Cornell on the key reason the Camels are off to a slower start this year than in 2010.

"We try to not let the kids think about. We'll talk about it as coaches behind closed doors, but if the kids ask about it -- they are smart enough to understand and smart enough to look at all of the scenarios -- we try to not talk about it. We try to focus on the next step." – Dowling coach Tim Boyle about the staff's approach when the players ask about all of the potential playoff scenarios in men's Division II.

"They didn't leave him at all and did a good job. When they pushed out on the other guys, it was a basically a one-on-one day and their goalie played well. Our goalie only made two saves. They were very aggressive and played well. They won the game. It's not like we played super poorly. They played hard and won the game. It was a great game. They had a good game plan and we didn't adjust well." – C.W. Post head coach John Jez about Dowling stopping attackman Eddie Plompen and the keys to the loss.

"I like the way we've come around, I like our ball movement and I like our lacrosse IQ. I like the fact that we have eight signed recruits and two verbal commits, so we already have 10 players for next year. We're starting to get more and more of a buzz around the program and the kids are taking pride." – Briarcliffe head coach SeanMichael Pagano about the general direction of the program.

Best & Worst
Best part about today: That Middlebury-Washington & Lee contest at Georgetown this evening is a game where every goal will be monumental. Both are very good defensive teams, so it will be a single-digit slugfest.

Worst part about today: I received a caustic email from Matt DaSilva, LaxMagazine's Quality Control Officer, informing me that my Best & Worst tagline was too 'hokey' for the site's standards and practices. So I'll likely have to devise some other daily routine.