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posted 04.05.2011 at 9.57 a.m. by Jac Coyne

Morning Jac: Weekend Quote Dump

"I was going to call down there and talk with the athletic director, Mike Cerino, and I think this was right before J.B. [Clarke] was brought on board, and I was going to ask if he wanted to play this year. My phone rang and it was Mike. He said, 'We've got to get this thing going again.' From what I've seen so far, I think Limestone is the best team in Division II. They are just deep, big, physical and fast. It's a great game for us to have on the schedule." Mercyhurst head coach Chris Ryan on the genesis of the Limestone game on Easter weekend in Alexandria, Va.

"You could see it his freshman year because his stick skills were so good. His hands stand out and it stands out to anyone who watches us practice. We've had other coaches come in and watch us practice and one of the standard comments is, 'I'm really impressed with No. 4; his hands are outstanding." – Michigan coach John Paul on how the staff knew Matt Asperheim was going to play a big role on their team from the jump.

"I came to school with [a friend], who was trying out for the team. I just came to tryouts to kind of be his buddy and hang out. I wasn't planning on being on the team. I talked to an assistant coach one day and he was excited about how I was playing. My buddy didn't make the team, but I stayed with it. They told me I would play a lot and I got some good time my freshman year. We had a great season and I just wanted to keep it going." Michigan senior All-American LSM Matt Asperheim and how fell into the Wolverines lap.

"Fall ball is overrated. It's 16 days with coaches. If we have football kids, they aren't missing too much." RPI head coach Jim Townsend on whether a player is at a disadvantage if he takes his junior fall aboard like Scott Stolzenberg did.

"I think it does relate a little bit. I have more confidence in myself knowing that I could handle in myself out in Cambodia. Everything on the lacrosse field is a breeze." RPI junior defenseman Scott Stolzenberg about the confidence he has gained being left alone to go against an attackman.

"We can't take anyone lightly. We have to prepare for everybody like they're Salisbury." Mount St. Joseph head coach Pat Kennedy on playing the first-year programs in the Midwest Lacrosse Conference.

"I've tried to contact the Ohio coaches from the day I got here and we couldn't buy a game against any of those guys. It's been difficult. For us, it's just a matter of whoever is willing to play us. Good, bad or indifferent, it's typically teams who are still looking for games on their schedule and this year it happens to be a lot of the start-up teams." Carthage coach Dave Neff on the trials of a Wisconsin team trying to fill out its schedule.

"It's hard to say. To be honest, it's a day to day thing. The MIAA is in favor of it one day, and the next day they aren't. There isn't a timeline on it, but there is always that thought process." Adrian head coach Brendan Hayes about the likelihood that the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association teams will break off from the MLC and re-form in its traditional league.