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posted 04.12.2011 at 9.43 a.m. by Jac Coyne

Morning Jac: Weekend Quote Dump

I talk to numerous coaches and players during the week. Here are a couple of excerpts that didn't make the original story:

"Our team is pretty old. My senior class and we were supposed to be a pretty big recruiting class for our school and we really haven't done anything up until now. We've see the E8 three times now and we know what to expect and what teams bring. We're just tyring to enjoy this year as seniors." – Stevens senior middie Brandon Faubert on playing in a strong Empire 8 conference this spring.

"Stevens was real attractive to him, but as he told me some time ago, now he wants to be a college lacrosse coach. I joked with the parents, 'Did you realize you were sending you son to Stevens to become a college lacrosse coach?' They laughed. The dad's very involved in athletics at Cape Henry. Was a soccer coach and assistant athletic director there. I think they're happy the kid is going to do something he loves." – Stevens coach Gene Peluso on Faubert's potential career choice.

"For goalies back then, there weren't many goalie coaches. At least at my high school, so my high school coach pretty much let me do what I wanted. I wasn't like the standard goalies because a lot of them always stay in cage. I like to come out and be aggressive and just get the ball. Other than that, on shooting, it's more technical, but there are certain tricks that goalies can learn to manipulate how shooters can shoot. You can read how shooters shoot, so you've just got to take angles and play goalie." – Oregon goalie Nick Johnston on the genesis of his netminding style.

"He attacks the shooter a little bit. He puts pressure; that's a good way to describe. He gets in your head a little bit as a shooter. I shoot a lot on him in practice and he can make you change your mind just as he approaches you as a goalie. He gets you thinking a little bit, and that's not a good thing for a shooter." – Oregon coach Joe Kerwin on Johnston's style.

"We definitely didn't like the seed we got last year – we thought we got slighted – but we actually liked the match-up with Arizona State. We thought we had a chance in that game, and we did. I didn't go out thinking about our seed when we scheduled. We've got to learn how to win close games. The seeding is not going to matter to us." – Cal Poly coach Marc Lea on trying to massage your seed through scheduling.

"The team in front of you is not any different than the team you played. That's where a lot of people get to nationals and they have a perception about who they are playing. 'Oh, I've heard a lot about these guys.' We're not going to say that. We don't have to, because we can say, 'There's BYU, we've played those guys before. There's ASU, we've played those guys before.' There's a little bit of that mystery that's taken out of the picture." – Michigan Sate head coach Dwayne Hicks on the benefits of playing good teams during the regular season.

Best & Worst
Best thing about today: Tufts at Endicott and Middlebury at Skidmore are a pair of tasty Tuesday ranked match-ups.

Worst thing about today: After receiving a call on Sunday afternoon from my town's emergency phone center telling me to head to my basement because a tornado had touched down nearby, it's going to be tough finding anything bad about today.