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posted 05.05.2013 at 10.54 p.m. by Jac Coyne

MCLA Division I Bracket Projections

The 17th edition of the MCLA tournament offers both a stale and fresh odor for the association's fans. The tepid stench of another championship for a traditional blue blood immediately assaults the proverbial nose with Colorado State returning as a massive favorite. Still, there is the fragrance of new additions this year, with at least two first-timers and another three who were not in Greenville last year.

By my calculations, anyway.

The number of at-large teams has expanded this year with the UMLL defaulting on its automatic bid, which is music to the ears of western teams starving for more access to the tourney. They got it this year, with my projections showing that 11 of the 16 teams heading to Greenville are from the Mountain or Pacific time zones. Enjoy the trip.

The official announcement is scheduled for Monday morning, but here's what I've got for the MCLA senior circuit at this point:

No. 16 Purdue (GRLC) vs. No. 1 Colorado State (RMLC)
No. 15 Texas (LSA) vs. No. 2 Colorado (AL)
No. 14 Georgia (SELC) vs. No. 3 Arizona State (SLC)
No. 13 Oregon State (PNCLL) vs. No. 4 Chapman (AL)
No. 12 Grand Canyon (AL) vs. No. 5 Brigham Young (AL)
No. 11 Oregon (AL) vs. 6 UC Santa Barbara (AL)
No. 10. Michigan State (CCLA) vs. No. 7 Sonoma (WCLL)
No. 9 Boston College (PCLL) vs. 8 Stanford (AL)