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posted 05.13.2011 at 11.21 a.m. by Jac Coyne

Morning Jac: Coyne's Picks Quote Dump

I spoke with a bunch of coaches for my "Coyne's Picks" for the men's NCAA Division III tournament, and not all the bites made the final product. Here are a couple that didn't make the cut.

"Without a doubt, it's been the teamwork across the board. This has been a resilient group and a lot of new guys in different positions and new roles every game. It just seemed like different guys were making the right plays at the right time. There is a lot of confidence in each other across the board." – Dickinson coach Dave Webster on what has been the key part of the Red Devils' success.

"It did feel great. I think we were prepared for an excellent Keene State team and for the first half they played pretty well. Whether it was because they didn't play terrific in the second half or we stuck to our game plan and executed as well as we have in about a month and half, I'm not sure. I was really proud of the effort. It was nice to get the win, whether it was the first or not, and get back on the winning side after the Bowdoin game." – Amherst coach Jon Thompson on the satisfaction of winning the school's first NCAA game.

"They are just good at capitalizing on [mistakes] and they have such great finishers. Their attack finishes as good as I've seen in my 15 years of college coaching. We played well in '09 down there and we played a relatively good first half down there last year, but the second half was just a series of mistakes that compounded themselves and we really struggled. We've got to mix it up defensively and possess the ball and be efficient in our clearing game. If we do that, we'll see what happens." – Steve Colfer on the keys to beating Stevenson.

"Gene's a really solid coach. He puts together a real nice game plan. When he was at RIT he was good and I think they may have been a little bit geared toward the defense back in the day, and this Stevens team is really explosive on offense. He's a real good Xs and Os guys, and I'm sure they'll have some surprises for us." – Cortland coach Steve Beville on whether any of Gene Peluso's coaching traits have carried over from RIT to Stevens.

"I think defensively, they are comparable to Gettysburg." – Salisbury coach Jim Berkman on Endicott's back line.

"I told them that they've played in lacrosse games since they were in seventh grade and this was just another lacrosse game. They should enjoy it, but realize the importance and the focus. Don't try to do three or four guy's jobs. There are 10 guys on the field, so do the job you're supposed to do, whether that's being on the wing for a faceoff and pick up the ground ball, or win the faceoff, or shut down the leading scorer. Don't try to shut down the whole attack, just do your one job." – Union coach Paul Wehrum on what he told his players as they prepared to participate in the school's first NCAA game on Wednesday.