posted 03.01.2011 at 7.59 p.m. by Matt DaSilva

New 'Maverik Training Center' Commercial

College lacrosse fans watching the first full weekend of NCAA games on ESPNU this past weekend also witnessed the debut of the latest Maverik Lacrosse commercial featuring its full stable of pro stars -- Paul Rabil, Dan Hardy, John Christmas, Kyle Sweeney and John Gagliardi -- in a training montage set to music. Watch it below.

"The commercial uses a combination of slow motion camera work with an original rap soundtrack to paint a picture of the hard work, dedication and determination it takes to be an elite athlete," a Maverik press release stated.

"There has always been an inherent connection between music and sports," said director Jay Jalbert. "The music we chose for the commercial gave us the intensity we were looking for and was a natural fit with Team Maverik in the gym."

"Jay has done an incredible job of conveying the overtime players across the country put into preparing for the season ahead," said John Gagliardi, founder and President of Maverik Lacrosse LLC.

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