March 10, 2009

Inside the March Issue of Lacrosse Magazine  


Lacrosse Magazine: March 2009

Never before have conferences held such power in NCAA Division I lacrosse. The AQs are mounting and the long-discussed Big East men's lacrosse boom is on tap for 2010. Before then, Lacrosse Magazine combed the depths of the existing 19 conferences for an early look at what could transpire this spring as league play heats up.

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Zero-Sum Game for USA
Without a single holdover from the disappointing 2005 U.S. World Cup team, the message for Team USA heading into the 2009 World Cup is clear: complete overhaul.

Lifestyles: Jaclyn Murphy
LM's Q&A with the inspirational 14-year-old cancer survivor whose connection with the Northwestern women's lacrosse team spurred the Friends of Jaclyn phenomenon.

Iso: March Madness
Take two of the nastiest players in professional lacrosse -- Geoff Snider and Chris Schiller -- and pit them against one another. What do you get? One heck of an entertaining one-on-one showdown.


LM's Question of the Month: What game do you have circled on your calendar and why?

Which upcoming game gets your blood boiling? We panned the people, and the results are in.

Click here to get in on the current "Sideline Chatter." Winners are published in LM and receive a prize from adidas.


Matt Dolente
You know him as a sophomore midfielder at Johns Hopkins and the captain of the world champion 2008 U.S. Under-19 team.

But who is Matt Dolente when he's not winning faceoffs?

Dolente takes us on a guided tour of his campus digs in the debut of LM's new feature.


Camp Stories
Camps and club teams can help with recruiting, but do your homework first.




LM separates contenders from pretenders as league play heats up.

* Division I Women *

America East
Thanks to Sarah Dalton and Kelly Munroe, BU has learned new tricks.

How has Northwestern's unrivaled success affected recruiting for other ALC teams?

Atlantic 10
The A-10 is all grown up now, but can it stack up with the big girls?

On the outside looking in the last few years, Boston College and Virginia Tech are on the doorstep.

Big East
UConn has nowhere to go but up. Angela McMahon intends to take the Huskies there.

Welcome to the parity party. There's no telling what could happen in what Towson's Missy Doherty calls "a dark-horse league."

Ivy League
Move over Princeton and Dartmouth - there are some contenders in your midst.

Following a devastating finish to the 2008 season, Fairfield has never been more motivated.

St. Mary's faces this 2009 season in the wake of the tragic car accident that killed Jenny Martinez.

Quinnipiac was a 30-second unraveling away from the NCAA tournament in 2008. Again this year, there's not much separation among conference heavyweights.

Patriot League
A shift in recruiting philosophy has Lehigh out of its rut and ready to contend.

* Division I Men *

America East
Now in his third year at Vermont, Ryan Curtis and the Catamounts are close to turning the corner.

Even with all of its firepower, Virginia's success could ultimately lie with its long poles.

Stacked from top to bottom, Hofstra remains the class of the CAA. Can the Pride keep it that way?

Rutgers' struggles the last two years could pay off in the form of talented freshmen and sophomores turning into experienced juniors and seniors this year.

In its fifth season, the time is now for Bellarmine.

Ivy League
With nine of its 11 first-team all-stars returning, the Ancient Eight is ready for a revival.

The dynamic duo of Adam Jones and Nick LoCoco has spurred Canisius to new heights.

Patriot League
My, how far Colgate has come. Then again, the same could be said for the PL as a whole.


Pictures, please. LM's popular photo gallery returns with early-season action.


NLL: Smoked by the Bandits
Defending champion Buffalo has come out strong out of the gate.

High School: Combine Lights SPARQ in Athletes
Nearly 30 athletes participated in the Nike SPARQ Combine, the sport's first such evaluation event.

US Lacrosse: Concussion Score Paramount for Youth
How US Lacrosse's alliance with ImPACT helps diagnose and treat concussions.


Your Game: Get Your Fake On
Jen Adams demonstrates the triple-threat stance and how to weave deception on the doorstep.

Your Game: Come Get Some
The DeWalt boys are back for a bite -- literally, with tips to bait your defenseman.

Your Style: Father and Son
LM and Stylin' Strings debut the "Lax County Choppers" series with a slick dye and string job for loud lacrosse agent Lee Southren and son.

Your Playbook: Cultivating Communication
Plus, a diagrammed 10-man clear and the defender step-up drill.




Navigating the summer lacrosse camp landscape can be daunting. LM is here to help with our annual national lacrosse camp directory.


Tim Paul, attackman, United States Naval Academy

What makes Navy's Tim Paul tick? You know, when he's not Googling himself in Spanish class, watching "American Idol" or wondering what it would be like to be Tim Tebow for a day.


To Our Members: Just Play Ball
There may be no greater waste of time, energy and emotion than arguing with officials, writes LM editor Paul Krome.

Open Space: Team Up for Women's Lacrosse
Guest columnist Chip Rogers rues the day that women's lacrosse players must wear helmets.

His Space: Good Old Boys
Is coaching lacrosse a young man's job? You might think it is, but some of these coaches hang in there for a long, long time, writes LM's Bill Tanton.

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