posted 04.14.2011 at 3.04 p.m. by Matt DaSilva

Three Stories Trending in Division I Lacrosse

As Lacrosse Magazine's resident idiot, I'm asked to make appearances to talk Division I men's lacrosse on The Pulse Network (think campus TV for the web), pretend I'm a radio personality (check out the latest podcast with Sheehan Stanwick Burch) and even model for select promotions. (Who is that bearded idiot in the "Keep It Reel" ad, anyway?)

With the idiot tag comes shameless self-promotion, which I'll indulge here with a video clip of my latest appearance on "The Pulse on Campus" discussing three trending points right now in Division I men's lacrosse. (If you hate the Yankees, get squeamish about Long Island accents or simply don't want to see how my ugly mug looks on Skype, scroll below the video for a synopsis.)

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