posted 04.16.12 at 3.57 p.m. by Matt DaSilva

Duke's Best Yet to Come?

The Duke men's lacrosse team continued its dominance of otherwise indomitable Virginia with a 13-5 victory in Charlottesville, the Blue Devils' 12th win in 13 games in the series between the ACC rivals. And while Matt Forman offers legitimate insight after spending a week in the Duke camp leading up to that game, I'll throw out this oversimplification of the trend.

It's April.

Friday's win was the Blue Devils' eighth straight since stumbling to a 3-3 start. It's vintage Duke, as the team is in the midst of a month that during the John Danowski era has produced its best results.

Since Danowski took the helm in 2007, the Blue Devils are 25-4 in April. Taking it back to the Ides of March, Duke is 28-11 before March 15 and 64-11 after March 15.

"We aren't placing emphasis so much on winning early in the season," Danowski told Lacrosse Magazine's Corey McLaughlin during preseason. "We need to get better at the little things first. Then we add more detail each game out."

The Blue Devils have taken some pressure off their talented, but young attack with better production from the midfield. And the attackmen responded in kind Friday. Josh Dionne, Christian Walsh and Jordan Wolf combined for 13 points. They have also leaned more on do-it-all long pole CJ Costabile.

Here's a look at Duke's results in the Danowski era.

  Feb Mar Apr May Finish
2007 2-0 6-2 5-0 4-1 17-3, lost in NCAA final
2008 2-0 8-1 5-0 3-1 18-2, lost in NCAA semifinal
2009 2-2 6-1 4-0 3-1 15-4, lost in NCAA semifinal
2010 2-1 5-2 4-1 5-0 16-4, won NCAA championship
2011 1-2 7-0 4-3 2-1 14-6, lost in NCAA semifinal
2012 3-1 6-2 3-0 -- --
Total 12-6 38-8 25-4 17-4 Record under Danowski: 92-22