April 7, 2009

Inside the April Issue of Lacrosse Magazine


Lacrosse Magazine: April 2009

When it comes to talent pipelines, there's quantity, and then there's quality.

We set out in February to find out not only which state's are producing the most Division I men's and women's lacrosse players, but also which are the top two high school programs in the country in terms of producing All-American-caliber talent.

Some findings might surprise you. Others might now.

The boldest assertion made from our research became the subject -- or subjects, more appropriately -- of our cover story.

When it comes to feeding top talent to the most competitive Division I men's and women's lacrosse programs, respectively, Boys' Latin (Md.) and St. Stephen's & St. Agnes (Va.) are at the top of their game.

The numbers bear it out. They are, by quantifiable data secured by LM, the most prolific feeder programs in the nation.

LM is the flagship publication of US Lacrosse, a 250,000-member nonprofit organization that serves as the sport's national governing body.

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MLL Trims Roster

It was a rather crazy offseason for Major League Lacrosse, which eliminated four teams and moved its reigning champion to Toronto, marking its first foray into a Canadian market. Questions loom.

Lifestyles: Alex McLain

Bowdoin's Alex McLain is pretty fast on the field, but she's even faster in the water, where she doubles as a championship-caliber surfski competitor. What's surfski, you ask? Read up to find out.


LM's Question of the Month: Why is lacrosse better than baseball?

Through e-mails, laxmagazine.com and LM's Facebook page, you told us why you prefer split dodges over stolen bases, goals over runs, slide packages over the double play and hitting people over hitting a ball. Score one for the Creator's Game.


Zack Greer
He's an attackman by day and an MBA student by night at Bryant University.

When he's finally done, Zack Greer retires to his off-campus apartment.

The NCAA career goals leader lets LM in on his humble abode and his take on candles, rock-n-roll and Mike Pressler.


Prime Placement
For BL's Jack Rice, joining the resident MIAA power and top producer of Division I talent in men's lacrosse was a matter of love at first sight. He's not the only one.

Alex Smith: The BL Years
Among the Lakers' most prestigious alumni: NCAA all-time leading faceoff specialist Alex Smith. Read his first-person account of BL lax and life atop the heap.


Express Line
Kelly Austin, the daughter of famed fitness instructor Denise Austin and former pro tennis player Jeff Austin, probably had the genes to succeed anywhere. But she like countless others has Kathy Jenkins to thank for a precipitous rise to the top of her recruiting class.

Kendall McBrearty: The SSSA Years
Former Virginia standout and U.S. Developmental team goalie Kendall McBrearty's first-hand experience of the aura surrounding the most dominant and productive high school girls' lacrosse program in the country.


Behind the Cover Story
LM editor Paul Krome provides a more in-depth look at the research that went into our cover story and other data found. The numbers reveal an intriguing snapshot of the state of high school lacrosse in the country, particularly when compared to a similar story published in the November/December 2000 issue of LM.

Be True to Your School?

With some college coaches focusing only on their teams in season, what role does high school lacrosse play in the recruiting process? Brian Delaney reports in the latest edition of LM's popular series on high school recruiting.


The Face-Off Classic, Santa Barbara Shootout and high school ball in Georgia highlight this month's photo gallery.


Don't let Sarah Albrecht's quiet demeanor fool you -- she can take over a game when she wants to. LM goes one-on-one with one of the most dangerous players in all of women's lacrosse, who'll just happen to be on Team USA's side this summer at the 2009 FIL Women's World Cup.


Women's College: Size Matters Naught
Santa Calara's Renee Eligio may not have the prototypical goalie stature, but she's the best goalie in the WDIA.

Men's College: Legacy at the 'X'
Can Delaware's Tommy Lee pick up where Alex Smith left off? No pressure, Tommy.

US Lacrosse: Rules Rule
USL brings safety to the forefront with its new campaign.


Your Game: Kiss the Double
Women's lacrosse legend Jen Adams shows how to run off, cut off and shut off double-team defense. (Lord knows she's seen her fair share of DTs!)

Your Game: Get on the Box
LM's newest addition to its panel of "Straight Shooters" experts, strength and conditioning coach Rashad Devoe, provides low box drills for blazing fast speed.

Your Style: Nostalgia Meets Design
The boys from Stylin' Strings return with the story behind a custom-made stick and dye job they whipped together for the 2008 NCAA final four.

Your Playbook: Finding, Building Team Leader
Positive Coaching Alliance has some tips to finding team leaders. Plus, how to drill the midfield in 4-on-3 alley and 4-on-4 slide, a look at developing motion offense and Jim Berkman's sample practice plan.


McKenzie Brown, Midfielder, Cherry Creek (Colo.) High School
Let's hope there's a Cold Stone somewhere in South Bend, because Notre Dame-bound McKenzie Brown can't live without it. Find out what else makes this Rocky Mountain standout tick.


To Our Members: Midterm Assessment
LM's editor takes the next two minutes of your life to Kromerize you with some snippets from his brain as the season hits the halfway point.

Her Space: Change is in the Air
March 12, 2009 was a historic date, Clare Lochary writes, as it was the first time two African-American head coaches ever met in Division I women's lacrosse.

His Space: Legends Say: "Boring"
Will lacrosse ever go back to the free flowing game it was? Bill Tanton chats up a few legends, who gave a resounding "No."

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