May 5, 2010

Inside the May Issue of Lacrosse Magazine


Lacrosse Magazine: May 2010

If you want to understand how Team USA defenseman Eric Martin went from being a barely-recruited afterthought in high school to a star in both the indoor and outdoor professional lacrosse leagues, try asking a former teammate or coach for a story.

Maybe you'll learn that as a senior at Norfolk (Va.) Academy, Martin spent 10 minutes in one practice exacting retribution (thrugh a variety of legal body checks) on a freshman that made the mistake of taking a shot at him.

Or you might be told about the time Martin and his Salisbury University roommate Caset Olejniczak joined a private gym because the school's weight room couldn't accomodate their grueling workouts -- workouts so intense Martin once popped blood vessels in his nose.

Or you might hear about Martin's first few practices in Major League Lacrosse. A Division III unknown at the time, Martin introduced himself to his new Rochester teammates by -- in two separate practices -- throwing a kayak check that happened to split open Casey Powell's chin and nearly coming to blows with Ryan Powell.



Take a TV Timeout

Nearly 100 college lacrosse games were or will be broadcast on national and local TV outlets this spring. And yet, you haven't gotten your fix. Lacrosse Magazine has you covered with "LaxFeed," a new weekly video podcast.

Lifestyles: Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa Rousso likes a challenge. That's why she played on the inaugural Wellington (Fla.) High School lacrosse team before studying economics at Duke. In college, she got hooked on another fast-growing sport -- poker.


What's the best or worst sportsmanship you've seen at a game?

Class vs. Trash: It's a battle in any sport. Lacrosse Magazine wants to know what you've seen: the good, the bad and the ugly.


Kristin Morrison, Princeton

Princeton's Cottage House eating club has lots of cool alumni, like F. Scott Fitzgerals and Bill Bradley. Add women's lacrosse captain Kristin Morrison to the list. The senior attacker is a club officer, and one of just six students who live in the eating club. She recently took LM on a tour.


Make the Most of Summer

Before a top prospect finishes his or her sophomore season, he or she should be thinking ahead. Start your checklist: e-mail college coaches, create a highlight video, and then send it along with a schedule of where you'll be playing this summer.


No Joke

Everything about his body of work screams that Johns Hopkins senior midfielder Michael Kimmel is a star player. But, please, do Kimmel a favor. Don't harp too much on how good he is. He would rather you be amused by one of his quips or pranks.

Texas Two-Step

The Hockaday School in Dallas took just six years to reach the pinnacle of Texas girls' lacrosse. The School elevated its team to varsity status in 2002 and celebrated a state championship in 2008. Now it's celebrating the accomplishments of some talented alumnae making their marks in NCAA Division I women's lacrosse -- including Sarah Jonson and Taylor Thornton.

MLL 2010: Flight Plan?

The franchise formerly known as the Baltimore Bayhawks and Washington Bayhawks is now the Chesapeake Bayhawks. Another new name? Sure. And it's not the only change the team has undergone since the last time you saw it.

MLL 2010: Team-by-Team Breakdown

Boston builds around Paul Rabil; Chesapeake shores up its defense; the league-run Machine hit the road ala Barrage in 2008; Denver breaks bad habits; Long Island anticipates a healthy Zack Greer; Toronto adjusts to a facelift after its 2009 championship.


Men's College: Spot On

"People on campus have taken notice of our team, from the president to the professors and down to the students," said Lafayette head coach Terry Mangan, whose team has enjoyed its best season ever. "It makes our kids feel good."

US Lacrosse: Fresh Face for

US Lacrosse recently re-launched its Web site with a fresh design and a vast array of new features to better inform, educate and connect the lacrosse community.


Your Game: 'Stangs Stick Together

For every Alex Smith, there's a Jordan Hall. For every Andy Corno, there's a Brodie Merrill. For every Greg Peyser, there's a Benson Erwin. Become a better wingman, will ya?

Your Game: Dos and Don'ts of Checking

Don't be fooled by Amber Falcone's sweet demeanor. She's a ruthless pickpocket on the field and arguably the most dominant defensive force in women's lacrosse today. She takes LM through legal stick checks.

Your Body: Scouting SCAD: Day One

Rashad Devoe hits the road to learn more about college lacrosse teams' training regimens. You don't need a "big box" fitness facility.

Your Playbook: Rochester's Rock

East Rochester (N.Y.) High School coach Linda Michele is the ultimate positive coach.

Your Style: Think Pink

With a month off for String Break, the guys at Stylin' Strings wanted to come back swinging for this issue of "Lax County Choppers," featuring a breast cancer tribute stick.


Sam Hurster, Attackman, Ladue (Mo.) High School

High school standout Sam Hurster talks about the time he had a date at the movies, only the girl never showed up.


To Our Members: Crab Shack

Lacrosse Magazine editor Paul Krome gets a lot of guff for being Baltimore-centric, but where would you rather be this Memorial Day weekend? Thought so.

Her Space: The Real Memorial Day

Roslyn Schulte had the dubious honor of being the first female Air Force Academy graduate to be killed by an enemy in combat. For her and all who have sacrificed for our country, Clare Lochary will have renewed appreciation when she hears the national anthem -- even in a lacrosse stadium.

His Space: Eldest Statesman

"We were playing the Onondagans in my senior year, and one of the Indians picked up the ball and ran down the street with it. We never saw him or the ball again," says 104-year-old Ray Van Giesen, the oldest living lacrosse player.

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