June 3, 2009

Inside the June Issue of Lacrosse Magazine 

Lacrosse Magazine: June 2009


You would think this U.S. World Cup team would be chomping at the bit to erase the bitter memory of a silver-medal finish behind Australia in 2005.

Truth be told, any talk of redemption for '05 has been drowned out by laughter as this crop of care-free Americans head to Prague later this month.

"The notion of fun can't be taught," Team USA head coach Sue Heether tells LM's Clare Lochary. "It can only be felt...They just love it from their toes to their hair."

Among other things, Heether says to expect the unexpected from the U.S., including how she dispatches recent college stars like Caroline Cryer and Katie Rowan.

Also included in LM's World Cup package: individual profiles of all 18 U.S. team players and a look at a trio of University of Maryland stars -- Australia's Sarah Mollison, England's Laura Merrifield and Team USA's Caitlyn McFadden -- turning rivals.

The June issue of LM mails to US Lacrosse members this week. More highlights are below.

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'Make It Right'

Speaking of international redemption, the road to Manchester in 2010 for the U.S. men's national team starts June 7-10 with a revamped tryout process launching at Bryant University. Among tweaks: only 84 invitees (down from 120), who will be pared down to a 40-man exhibition roster into the fall before another cut to 23.

Lifestyles: Steve Hauschka

Bet you didn't know Baltimore Ravens kicker Steve Hauschka played two years of college lacrosse at Middlebury. Find out how he gets his kicks in the NFL.


LM's Question of the Month: What's the most bizarre thing you've seen at a lacrosse game?

Through e-mails, laxmagazine.com and LM's Facebook page, you came out of the woodwork to tell us your most outlandish lacrosse stories -- from a pantsed attackman, to a fan dressed up as Mr. Potato Head to hot-headed parents hitting each other with chairs.


Kyle Harrison and Brett Hughes

Music, surfing, tennis.

Major League Lacrosse's Kyle Harrison and Brett Hughes have settled into Los Angeles just fine, thank you.

They stopped playing Wii long enough to give LM a tour of their pad.



The student-run club team of Virginia Tech, with varsity castoffs and pure clubbers alike, scorched the field in the desert to win its first WDIA championship.


Your Game: Access Denied

Zac Jungers' chicken-wing hold was so popular, we decided to bring the Denver Outlaws' defenseman back for two more holds that will foil foes at GLE: V-Hold at the Island and the Deodorant Stick.

Your Game: Check Plus
Denver Outlaws defenseman Zac Jungers breaks down how to execute a legal, safe, effective -- and yes, impaling -- body check.

Your Body: Girl Power
LM's strength and conditioning guru Rashad Devoe debunks myths and offers training tips for female lacrosse players.

Your Style: The "T" in Titans
Stylin' Strings, in conjunction with e-lacrosse.com, spins a new stick for the NLL's New York Titans with split dyes, custom font, a hybrid pocket and pocket fade.

Your Playbook: New Rules for Running
Conditioning drills, such as sprints, should be just that. Avoid using running as punishment, writes PCA's David Jacobsen. Plus, the "Grub Drill" focuses on possession and decisive action in high intensity.


Max Silberlicht

Hobart goalie Max Silberlicht is lights out for opponents on the doorstep, but he let LM in for a little Q&A -- including why high school teammate and recent NCAA Division III men's lacrosse championship MVP Brandon Misiaszek (Cortland) is destined to be a reality TV star.


To Our Members: Experience Necessary
LM editor Paul Krome debates which is more important for lacrosse: butts in the seats or feet on the ground. Need they be mutually exclusive?

Her Space: One and Done
LM's Clare Lochary on the hazards of being a lacrosse official straight out of high school: "The games I officiated had no far-reaching implications, but the crowd was positively bloodthirsty. It was open season on the zebras..."

His Space: My, How We've Grown
LM's Bill Tanton examines the evolution of the then-Lacrosse Foundation and the current US Lacrosse, and its trajectory as a leader in the ever-growing sport of lacrosse.

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