June 3, 2010

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Lacrosse Magazine: June 2010

The tragedy left the closest to it without words -- be it by shock or by choice.

Who could blame them?

Yeardley Love, a senior defender on the University of Virginia women's lacrosse team, was found dead in her off-campus apartment early in the morning of May 3, the victim of a brutal assault. Hours later, police arrested George Huguely, her ex-boyfriend and a senior on the Virginia men's team, and charged him with first-degree murder in her death.

Huguely, who has since withdrawn from the university, remains in jail awaiting a court hearing in June.

Lacrosse Magazine's Paul Krome, Clare Lochary and Bill Tanton offer personal thoughts on the tragedy. Plus, a pictoral representation of events.


Class Act

The University of North Carolina showcased its lacrosse pedigree this season, and the school will do so again in October when two of its alumni take their places among the game's greatest in the National Hall of Fame. Joining Michael Burnett and Harry "Mac" Ford in the 2010 class of inductees are Scott Bacigalupo (Princeton), Eleanor Keady Gaffney (Team USA), Jack Kaley (NYIT), Francesca (Den Hartog) McClellan (Team USA/Harvard), Bonnie Rosen (Virginia/Team USA) and Mary McCarthy Stefano (Penn State).

Lifestyles: John Tavares

No, not that John Tavares, NLL icon, but his nephew, NHL phenom. The New York Islanders' first ovreall pick in last year's NHL draft talks puck and lax -- which he misses dearly -- with LM.


Question of the Month: What would your lacrosse vanity license plate say?

You're so vain. But hey, you love lax and decals won't cut it. So Lacrosse Magazine is putting you in charge of your state's motor vehicles departement. You've got free rein to register all the rides you want with lax vanity playes. LM wants to know: what would yours say?


Kevin Cassese

Kevin Cassese takes LM for a spin in Lehigh's locker room.

© Greg Carroccio

Kevin Cassese, head men's coach at Lehigh University and midfielder for Team USA, showed LM around the Mountain Hawks' locker room and talked a little about championship traditions. He wants to win gold in Manchester and revive Lehigh's long-dormant NCAA title hopes.


Golden Rams

Two years ago, Colorado State won the US Lacrosse Women's Division Intercollegiate Associates (WDIA) National Championship. While it's a little hard to picture the Rams as Cinderella dressed up for the ball, they entered this year's tournament as the No. 11 seed. So yes, in fact, the came into this year's championship as a legitimate underdog. And resurfaced as champions.

Meet Team USA

A special spread featuring the 2010 U.S. men's national team that heads to Manchester in July, looking to recapture the gold medal it lost in 2006.

Boyle-ing It Down

America, this is your Redeem Team. Twenty-three players will journey to Manchester, England, in July hoping to replace the albatross around their necks with gold medals. Ryan Boyle, a three-time member of the U.S. team -- including in 2006, when Team Canada ended Team USA's 28-year reign of international lacrosse supremacy -- knows the burden all too well. Boyle also knows the players around him, probably better than anyone else on the planet.

Destination: Manchester

The Iroquois Nationals look legit, with Sid Smith, Jeremy Thompson, Bretty Bucktooth and Cody Jamieson (not to mention hot new Syracuse recruit Ryan Burnham) peppering their roster. Also, Bryant University could be considered, with two coaches (Team USA coach Mike Pressler and midfielder Matt Zash), a former player (Canada's Zack Greer) and a current player (England's Evan Roberts) marching to Manchester.

MLL at the X

What effect will the LXM PRO tour have on the MLL's sustained success? Little or none, says MLL commissioner David Gross.

© Dirk Dewachter

When Major League Lacrosse commissioner David Gross thinks about the league playing its 10th season this summer, one word comes to mind: perseverance "Any other outdoor professional league that's tried to get off the ground has failed," Gross said during a wide-ranging interview in advance of the MLL's milestone season. "And we've made it through a decade. We've hit plenty of bumps along the way, but you've got a group of owners and investors who are committed to making this work and realize that, long-term, the league will work. Just two seasons removed from contracting the league from 10 teams back to its original six-team size, Gross remains optimistic about the league's future.

On Campus

LM's photographers caputre big games, new programs and tournament time in the Ivy League.


US Lacrosse: Fast Break Heads West

US Lacrosse recently named three cities -- Kansas City, Phoenix and San Diego -- as the 2010 sites of its Fast Break Initiative, a program that infuses fledgling lacrosse areas with resources and training to build a solid foundation for the sport.


Your Game: Score in Less Than 10 Seconds

In April, we popped and goosed into fast-break situations. In may, we gave big ups for our wingment, This month, in the final installment of Lacrosse Magazine's faceoff instructional series with Stevenson University men's lacrosse coach Paul Cantabene, we learn a quick-hit faceoff play and two more drills that will help you perfect the craft.

Your Game: Family Circle

No teammates? No problem. Your sister, mom or even your dog can help with these goalie drills, courtesy of college coaches and goalies Amy Altig and Laura Field.

Your Body: Scouting SCAD, Day Two

Rashad Devoe finishes his scout of the Savannah College of Art and Design men's lacrosse team's training regimen. Plus, a look at the Illinois Agility Drill, courtesy of Johns Hopkins strength and conditioning coach Jay Dyer and pupil Paul Rabil.

Your Playbook: Roswell, Ga., Wins PCA Award

The Roswell Youth Lacrosse Association's (RYLA) commitment to honoring the game has paid off with increased demand for its annual tournament. Plus, a "survival drill" for men's coaches.

Your Style: The Goaly Bunch

The boys at Stylin' Strings spun 20 goalie sticks in two weeks for the McLean Youth Lacrosse Association in Virginia. With long hours and sleepless nights, they pulled it off.


Allie Roe

UCLA midfielder Allie Roe hams it up for her "Give and Go" photo shoot.

© Dirk Dewachter

UCLA midfielder Allie Roe does not have to look far to find her favorite athlete or the next reality TV star -- both, she says, are teammates. Plus, how she gained her aspirations to become a plastic surgeon.


To Our Members: Two Lives Lost

Not unlike the false rape case against three Duke men's lacrosse players in 2006,
LM editor Paul Krome is sure there is a proper frame for Yeardley Love's death -- and it won't come from sensational media. Two people know what happened that night. The only one who can speak about it is waiting his day in a Virginia court.

Her Space: Another Picture for My Wall

They say just six degrees of separation exist between every single person in the world. Within the lacrosse world, I'd say it's about three degrees, absolute tops. Like a lot of lacrosse people, LM columnist Clare Lochary feels like she knew Yeardley, and her gruesome death seems more personal than if a promising young soccer player or gymnast had died so brutally.

His Space: The Trouble with Trouble

LM columnist Bill Tanton used to think the George Boiardi tragedy was the worst thing that could possibly happen in lacrosse. Two years later, the game itself was a victim in the Duke case. But the murder of UVA women's player Yeardley Love, allegedly at the hands of UVA men's player George Huguely, is uncharted territory. Everybody in this game, writes Tanton, needs to be more vigilant in observing and controlling the young people playing it.

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