June 30, 2009

Inside the July Issue of Lacrosse Magazine 

Lacrosse Magazine: July 2009


Ten players had a hand in history. None, however, could convey with 100 percent accuracy what happened May 25 in Gillette Stadium.

Where were you this Memorial Day? Where were you when Kenny Nims wrapped his nimble wrists around the outstretched leg of Jake Myers to finish the most bizarre 24 seconds in NCAA championship game history?

Diehards will remember. Central New Yorkers won't soon forget. This was one of the bigger moments in lacrosse history, one of those larger-than-life moments that remind us why we waste so much time watching sports -- for a chance to witness the unreal.

As Syracuse men's lacrosse coach John Desko would later say, "Everything that happened had to happen exactly as it did, or we'd have a silver trophy today."

LM interviews the players involved and reconstructs exactly how Syracuse wrested the NCAA title from Cornell's grasp.

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USL Names '09 Hall of Famers

Cherie Greer, Todd Curry, Pat Genovese, Jeff Long, Kevin Lowe, Mark Millon, Jen O'Donnell and Jessical Wilk Strosberg are "as strong a Hall of Fame class as there has been in recent years," says Joshua Christian, managing director of sport development at US Lacrosse.

Lifestyles: Biz Stone

Biz Stone is on the move, much like his company -- the wildly popular social media phenomenon Twitter. But like any former lacrosse player, he loves to talk about the sport, so he violated his 140-character rule to dish the dirt with LM.

Zip It: 86407

It's LM's turn to take a stand on the corner in Winslow, Arizona. Find out why lacrosse is taking off here.


LM's Question of the Month: What rule would you change?

For a sport so married to its traditions, lacrosse boasts a peanut gallery like no other. We want it quicker, cleaner, more entertaining, fairer, more mainstream, etc. Through laxmagazine.com and LM's Facebook page, we got the skinny on what lacrosse fans want to see in the game.


24 Seconds of Mayhem

How did you see Syracuse's Memorial Day magic?

Queens of Evanston

Its final rout of North Carolina aside, Northwestern made it five in a row with a harder-than-it-looked unbeaten season.

Que Cerar, Cerar

Greg Cerar wouldn't let a poor first-half showing be, rallying C.W. Post to the national championship.

Ray of Light

Rachel Ray's teammates don't always know where their next few steps will take them. But she does. Ray lit the way for Adelphi to an NCAA title.

Magnificent Misiaszek

How Cortland midfielder Brandon Misiaszek released his trap and sprung a career game on Gettysburg, leading the Dragons to their second NCAA championship in four years.

Graduation Party

Franklin & Marshall turned away Salisbury, then players turned their tassles after what amounted to a monumental campaign led by rookie head coach Lauren Paul.

Rise of the Machines

Even with a second consecutive MCLA championship in jeopardy, John Paul and Michigan stayed eerily composed as they recalibrated themselves to victory.


Your Game: Ponytail Roll 

Go stealth mode with this double-team tactic, courtesy of the Loyola women's lacrosse coaching staff, led by Jen Adams.

Your Body: Flex Nimbo Program
LM's strength and conditioning guru Rashad Devoe shows how you can add resistance to and increase the intensity of your workouts with the use of a Flex Nimbo .

Your Playbook: Stretching for Winning and Life Lessons
Stretching has its role in physical preparation for lacrosse, but it's also a powerful metaphor for challenging players.

Your Style: Supporting the Climb
For this issue of Lax County Choppers, the boys at Stylin' Strings honor the game by customizing a Gait Torque to match the insignia of the U.S. Army's Tenth Mountain Sustainment Brigade serving in Iraq.


Anthony Kelly

What's up with the scar behind his left eye and drinking black coffee before games?

Chicago Machine faceoff specialist Anthony Kelly, or "A-Train," rides the express line with LM in this revealing Q&A.


To Our Members: Settling the Score
LM editor Paul Krome is juiced about the US Lacrosse U-15 National Championship, an event which has been a long time coming.

Her Space: Shorts Stories
LM's Clare Lochary makes a fashion statement on women's lacrosse and what the latest trends might symbolize about the sport.

His Space: Tierney Changes Stripes, and The Game
Can one man change the face of a sport so deeply entrenched in its tradition? It has happened before, writes LM's veteran scribe Bill Tanton.

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