September 4, 2009

Inside the September Issue of Lacrosse Magazine


Lacrosse Magazine: September 2009

How many times have you seen a 5-foot-8 midfielder get impaled while attempting a swim dodge?

It might be the most abused move in lacrosse, one that often results in nothing more than an embarrassing case of turf burn.

Deploy the swim dodge wisely.

Paul Rabil, whose freakish athleticism only accentuates his chiseled 6-foot-3, 225-pound frame, has made practical use of the swim dodge since his days at Johns Hopkins.

A four-time All-American, Rabil has since made the swim dodge his signature move with the 2010 U.S. training team and in an MVP season with the Boston Cannons.

These days, it's all Rabil, all the time.

Headlining our "Your Edge" section, Rabil drops the nitty gritty on the nastiest move in lacrosse.

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Future Secured with Fried

Less than three weeks after Team USA triumphed at the 2009 FIL World Cup, US Lacrosse made a big move to secure the program's future success. The Women's Division Board of Directors on July 15 named Ricky Fried to a four-year term as head coach of the U.S. women's national team.

Lifestyles: Margaret Carloson

Margaret Carlson has a three-octave range, but she hits her highest notes with an umpire's whistle. The jazz singer, 55, took a timeout to tell LM about her adventures as a referee in Chicago.

Zip It: 30907

The series' next stop is Martinez, Ga., where lacrosse has carved a grassroots niche alongside The Masters and college football in the sports-crazed South.

Iso: Blake Christina Liveley vs. Blake Brennan Liveley

Want to meet Blake Lively? Try hanging around a lacrosse field in Memphis, Tenn. See how the Hollywood glamazon and "Gossip Girl" stacks up with this Houston Mustangs standout.


LM's Question of the Month: What major college should add lacrosse as a varsity sport?

The year 2010 stands to be a banner one for college lacrosse. The University of Florida women's team makes its highly-anticipated debut, and Jacksonville University will push the gender equity-challenged NCAA Division I men's lacrosse ranks to 60. With that comes the clamoring for other Division I universities to take the plunge. This is your take.


Who's Next?

LM took a trip around the country and stopped at those Division I colleges that could realistically add the sport in the not-so-distant future. Find out why, if we had our druthers, BU, Colorado, UConn, Davidson, DePaul, Florida State, Michigan, N.C. State and West Virginia should expand their athletic offerings to include more lacrosse.

Back to Campus

Lacrosse fans are poised to enoy what should be a very exciting 2010. The great conference shuffle takes a hold of the men's side in colleg elacrosse, while two new teams from the Sunshine State highlight the women's game. And the U.S. men's team will try to reclaim the gold medal it lost. It all points to an intriguing fall lacrosse season. What are the big events? Who are the freshmen to watch? Nelson Coffin and Andy Krauss provide a sneak peak at fall ball 2009.

Last Keeper of the Kohn

"This is not the first time I've written about Peter Kohn. I hope it won't be the last..." Writer Nathaniel Badder joins countless others in the lacrosse community remembering Myron G. "Peter" Kohn, who passed away Aug. 5.

Ivy, Uprooted

Thanks to swirling changes in the coaching ranks and the implementation of a postseason conference tournament in 2010, the Ivy League arms race was on long before the leaves turned. Players ratcheted up offseason training programs. Coaches licked their chops over blue-chip recruits who maybe -- just maybe -- would be less inclined to sign with Bill Tierney-less Princeton or fully-stocked Cornell. Fans pummeled the message boards with rumors and rants. It has created the kind of perfect storm that could produce a new power among the Ancient Eight -- or Seven, as is the case in men's lacrosse.


Women's College: New UNH Coach Says Final Four in Four

If New Hampshire becomes the next America East champion, it may be the doings of an anonymous Villanova basketball fan. Clare Lochary's Q&A with new UNH head coach Michael Daly includes a bold proclamation for the Wildcats' future success.

NLL: Titanic Response to Relocation?

Jordan Hall has never been to Walt Disney World. He's about to get his chance. Hall, along with most of last year's New York Titans, are making the move to Orlando to become the first Florida team in the National Lacrosse League.

US Lacrosse: Keeping Players in Good Hands

It's a nightmare no parent wants to go through -- hearing your child's coach has been charged with inappropriate contact, involvement in drugs, or worse. US Lacrosse and the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) have partnered to provide background checks for leagues.


Your Game: Swim Dodge: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

MLL MVP Paul Rabil's guide to leaving long poles in your wake. Learn how to practically and effectively deploy the nasty swim dodge.

Your Game: Become a Natural Trickster

Lacrosse is a craft, and sometimes you need to get, well, crafty. Lindsey Biles and Katie Chrest provide tips on a couple of nifty stick tricks.

Your Body: Time to Change It Up

Rashad Devoe hits the hardwood for his latest strength and conditioning routine. Being that lacrosse is most like basketball in its movements, use these drills to keep you in lacrosse shape during the offseason.

Your Style: Fraternity of String

Nostalgia is pouring off the page, as the gents at Stylin' String spin a stick that brings out the frat boy in each of us.

Your Playbook: The Importance of Resisting "Overcoaching"

Plus, a look at the "Scatter Drill" in men's lacrosse.

Your Call: No Problem with Nims Goal

Our "You Make the Call" series provides a definitive answer on the most controversial -- and exciting -- goal of the 2009 lacrosse season.


Alex Mundy

If she could live on any other planet, which would Vanderbilt defender Alex Mundy choose? Well, Uranus, of course. Catch up with this quirky Commodore in "Give and Go," a Q&A series.


To Our Members: Cheerio, Ogs

LM editor Paul Krome bids farewell to one of US Lacrosse's finest. Plus, reactions to a series of stories circulating of late in the lacrosse community.

Her Space: "We Were Always Here"

Clare Lochary visits the National Museum of American Indians in Washington, D.C., with a personal tour from Justin Giles, a Muscogee Indian who played for the 1996 Iroquous U-19 boys' team.

His Space: An Imperfect Ten

Bill Tanton revisits the NCAA's controversial vacation of Syracuse's 1990 championship and the Orange's insistence of including it among its 11 -- or is it 10? -- proclaimed national titles.

Open Space: My Summer Vacation

St. Mary's (Md.) High School standout Michael Dillon chronicles his lacrosse-filled summer abroad in Stockport, England.

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