September 8, 2010

Inside the September Issue of LM

Lacrosse Magazine: September 2010


The lobby looks like an adult version of a house fort, the accommodations hardly befitting the best 23 lacrosse players in the world. When the U.S. national team arrived July 12 in Manchester, operations director Jimmy Butler and equipment manager John Jez gutted the dorm lounges. They turned one into a training room replete with tables, ice baths and medical supplies and the other into this — a pseudo locker room lined with cushioned chairs, each with a laminated name and number taped to it. They bought hammers and drove nails into the cream-chipped walls so players could hang their jerseys.

Paul Rabil sits on the edge of one of those chairs, his veins pumping with adrenaline. He tried visualization once. He read in a sport psychology book that Pele would find an open space, lie down, put a cold towel across his eyes and visualize scoring goals. That approach never worked for Rabil. He’d just as soon listen to the coaches and focus on the task at hand.

The Americans have spent 1,463 days living down the shame of 2006. In lacrosse, there is no silver lining. Gold is the only standard. A loss in the 2006 final to the hated Canadians had knocked them from a once-undeniable perch. All they could do to neutralize the sour aftertaste was hire a new coach, rebuild the program from the top down. Now they’re 60 minutes away from a gold medal rematch...


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USL Names 2011 U19 Women's Team

From an original pool of 200 emerged 24 of the best women's lacrosse players in the nation, and now they'll prepare to battle the world.

Lifestyles: Hilary Rhoda

When she was a kid growing up outside Washington, D.C., Hilary Rhoda (at right) wanted to be in Sports Illustrated's "Faces in the Crowd." She didn't quite make it as a lacrosse (and field hockey) player, but as one of the most successful models in the industry, she's become a staple of the famed SI swimsuit issue.

ZIP It: 07450

Lax rules in Ridgewood, N.J., where Paul Sheridan arrived in 1997 searching for community, religion and, of course, lacrosse. Nominate your town here!

US Lacrosse News & Notes

The USL Fast Break Initiative hits up San Diego, the 2010-11 U.S. women's team starts the road to a World Cup repeat in 2013 and Coaching Education Program clinics launch nationwide.


LM's Question of the Month: What do you think of the Iroquois Nationals missing the 2010 FIL World Championships?

They helped invent the game. But on one of its biggest stages, they found themselves competing in the political arena, not the lacrosse field. Were American, British and Canadian officials wrong in denying the Iroquois' travel to England? Did the leadership of the Iroquois Nationals sacrifice the team to make a political statement? Could this whole issue have been resolved months in advance of the World Games? Opinions vary, and we got yours on the record.


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Politics, Sovereignty and the Iroquois

Percy Abrams became the executive director of the Iroquois Nationals about seven months before they were to field their best team ever at the 2010 FIL World Championships. Sid Smith, Cody Jamieson, Jeremy Thompson -- these Nationals were stacked. Little did Abrams know at the time that they would become international media figures and symbols of the Native American struggle for sovereignty. LM caught up with Abrams to debrief the saga.

'I Wanted to Play'

The picture says all it needs to say. It hangs on Maddie Poplawski's refrigerator in her Springfield, Pa., home. It's a snapshot of Poplawski, a rising sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, scoring the Quakers' final goal in a 9-8 win over Dartmouth in the Ivy League tournament final.

Recruiting U: The Obligatory Official Visit

In the natural order of things, some seemingly valuable ideas or products simply go out of style: from buggy whips to bell bottoms and, for that matter, wooden sticks. Official visits are facing a similar dilemma, as the college recruiting process accelerates amidst changing times.

Standing Out

With 80 of the country's best players competing on the same fields, it's not easy to stand out. At least it shouldn't be easy. But that's exactly what Kelyn Freedman did during the inaugural Champion High School Showcase at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in July.

Maxx Effect

It might be a stretch to call him Mad Max, but Maxx Meyer is quite capable of responding when pushed. The defenseman bound for Penn this fall earned team MVP honors in leading Team Spirit to a 4-0 record and the gold medal of the 2010 Champion High School Showcase.

On Campus

LM's photographers take you to the World Games and around Major League Lacrosse.


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10 Women's Storylines to Watch

1. The Purple Reign is over, so what happens now?
2. How does Maryland follow up its national championship season?
3. Another season begins at Virginia.
4. Can North Carolina's defense regroup?
5. Is the Orange worth a squeeze?
6. State school shake-ups at Towson and Penn State.
7. Can anyone stop Adelphi?
8. How many times will Katie Oliverio assist Bergan Foley?
9. Hoya holes.
10. Carey and the Commodores.

Fab Five: LM's Freshmen to Watch

Why you should know Kaitlyn Brosco (Notre Dame), Brooke Griffin (Maryland), Molly Quirke (Duke), Bre Hudgins (Brown) and Hannah Franklin (Georgetown) -- and what their new coaches say about their talents.

10 Men's Storylines to Watch

1. Jump-starting the Jays.
2. Glee in Happy Valley.
3. Continuity at Cornell.
4. Do things change for the champs?
5. Shirk arrives on the Shore.
6. Pieces in place at Hofstra.
7. Replacing Dickson in blue (and Cahill, too).
8. Second chances in South Carolina.
9. South Bend's big shoes to fill.
10. A season without Slaf.

Fab Five: LM's Freshmen to Watch

Why you should know Nick Galasso (North Carolina), Cody Bremner (Cornell, above right), Andrew Hodgson (Towson), Luke Duprey (Duke) and Josh Dionne (Duke) -- and what their new coaches say about their talents.


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Your Game: Split Decision

We've dropped knowledge on Paul Rabil's point-of-release shooting drill (July) and his approach for ground balls (August). This month, in his own words, we let No. 99 give us a three-step breakdown of his nasty split dodge.

Your Game: Dodging for Dummies

When the Georgetown women's lacrosse coaches summon Kelsi Bozel, she knows her purpose: get to the rack and score. Her secret? The dummy dodge.

Your Playbook: Skeleton Drill, Crease Fire

Use this drill -- incorporating two feeders and a single finisher -- to help develop crease attackmen.


Stephen Berger, Long Island Lizards

The former Mr. Irrelevant talks about being a D-III guy in the MLL ranks (as the last pick in his draft class), his soft spot for sweet snacks and his infatuation with Australia.


To Our Members: Where'd Summer Go?

There were no lazy summer days here at US Lacrosse, writes LM editor Paul Krome.

Her Space: Are You Captain Material?

LM's Clare Lochary talked to a lot of very smart people in pursuit of what makes an ideal captain, and they all came back to the idea of selflesness, among other qualities.

His Space: Mile-High Expectations

Will fans back east travel to Denver to see the 2014 games? LM's Bill Tanton asks this question and gets amped for the next installment of the world championships.

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