October 5, 2010

Inside the October Issue of LM


Lacrosse Magazine: October 2010

When Terry Riordan reminisces about the exploits of Scott Bacigalupo, the tenors of admiration and frustration take turns in his voice.

Riordan, one of the most productive attackmen ever to play collegiate lacrosse and the top scorer in Johns Hopkins history, acknowledges that Bacigalupo is the best goalkeeper he faced as a Blue Jay.

Riordan can’t help but tip his hat to the guy who, besides setting a standard few goalies have approached since, arguably altered lacrosse history more than any other player in the past two decades by deciding in 1990 to join a then-emerging program at Princeton.

“He just knew how to break our hearts,” Riordan said.

Bacigalupo, who will be inducted Oct. 30 with seven other legends into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame, broke many hearts during his amazing, ground-breaking run at Princeton.

But is he the best goalie ever?

LM, fans and legends alike debate who stands as the all-time king of the cage in this month's issue, which mails to US Lacrosse members this week.... Latest Poll

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Aloha Means Lacrosse
What to bring to the Hawaii Lacrosse Invitational Tournament: a beach towel, sunscreen and a Halloween costume. And try not to forget the lacrosse gear.

Lifestyles: Michael Bastian
Inspired by John McPhee's lacrosse article in the March 2009 issue of The New Yorker, designer Michael Bastian created a collection with a lax-y look for the William Gant label. He spoke to LM about how he did it.

ZIP It: 55044 (Lakeville, Minn.)
In the Land of 10,000 Lakes and home of cruel winters, there has always been one sport that has reigned supreme: ice hockey. But in this town, lacrosse is giving it a run for its money.

US Lacrosse News & Notes
Lax practice planning is about to go mobile. Time-crunched coaches everywhere may breathe a sigh of relief: US Lacrosse and Advanced Mobile Solutions are developing a new coaching software and smart phone application available exclusively to USL members.


LM's Question of the Month: What makes a great goalie?
In the factory line of lacrosse goalies, what ingredients make for the best batch? Start with some great vision and hand-eye coordination. Mix in some stick skills and good communication. Add a couple feet that don't trip over themselves. But what else? Fans sound off.


Recruiting U: See it in DIII!
There is one major difference between scholarship and non-scholarship recruiting -- about 12 months. Rewarding experiences await NCAA Division III prospects, although costs in the non-scholarship world may be a factor for families.

A Knight's Tale
It's something of a cliche to say that a team became a family. But for John Thomas (kneeling, at right) and Cameron Battle (back row, center), that's what actually happened. Read about how a US Lacrosse BRIDGE alum got more than Xs and Os from a caring coach, and how he's not one of Baltimore's best high school players.

Queen Bee
Cortney Fortunato punctuated her own tale of redemption for the US Lacrosse U-15 national champion Yellow Jackets, part of a riveting summer for this budding star from Long Island.

Hardly Deja Vu
For the second straight year, Fellowship of Christian Athletes beat For Love of the Game for the gold medal in the US Lacrosse U-15 National Championship. But you can stop drawing comparisons right there.

Legends Get Made
Eight greats will achieve lacrosse immortality Oct. 30, when they are inducted into the National Hall of Fame. LM honors Scott Bacigalupo, Michael Burnett, Mac Ford, Eleanor Keady Gaffney, Francesca Den Hartog, Jack Kaley, Bonnie Rosen and Mary McCarthy Stefano with an ode to their glory days.

'Hawks with Heart
The Chesapeake Bayhawks remained in their MLL championship team photo pose when club president-turned-coach Brendan Kelly stepped in front of the group, turned his back to the cameras, and leaned in over those sprawled on the turf at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium. Kelly waited until this moment to deliver the punch line he thought fitting for the Bayhawks’ season. “Hey!” he yelled to grab the attention of players, assistant coaches and staff near midfield. Then the gregarious first-year principal owner, who appointed himself head coach with three games left in the regular season, delivered the kicker, “Who’s heartless now?!”

Bonus Inserts!
Check out the Ultimate Lacrosse Sourcebook and SportStop gear guide as bonus materials in this month's magazine.


Your Game: Caged Beasts
LM's panel of Chris Burdick, Bill Pilat, Bill Daye, Trevor Tierney, Quint Kessenich and Larry Quinn exact 10 characteristics of great goalies. Plus, behind-the-back passing with Paul Rabil.

Your Game: 3v2 Spin-Off
Ricky Fried and Kelly Barnes give LM a complete breakdown of Georgetown's version of the 3v2 drill from behind.

Your Body: Take Your Medicine
One of the best ways to train your body is with medicine balls. Rashad Devoe provides a power and conditioning workout meant to utilize them.

Your Style: Repeat Offender
"Lax County Choppers" shopper Beren Garrity is back for another custom dye job. See what Stylin' Strings spun for this d-man's summer club outfit in the Everglades.


Taylor Trimble, Episcopal Academy (Pa.) and U.S. U19 Training Team (at right)
One of the nation's top high school girls' lacrosse players lets LM inside why she loves Shane Victorino's hustle and all things baseball (egats!), her passion for medicine and economics, and her opinion on why helmets in the women's game would be just plain wrong.


To Our Members: Mickey Wants You
LM editor Paul Krome debriefs from Disney, where the US Lacrosse U-15 National Championships were a rousing success. Regional qualifiers will add to the events cachet in 2011.

Her Space: It's a Lax World
Sometimes, LM columnist Clare Lochary can't believe how far lacrosse has taken her. Imagine where it might take you.

His Space: My View of the Cage
Longtime LM columnist Bill Tanton certainly has a take on the greatest-goalie-of-all-time debate. Can anyone honestly say who was the best ever -- in anything?

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