posted 11.03.2011 at 1.25 p.m. by Matt DaSilva

Inside the November Issue of LM

The third-annual "Gym Rats" edition of Lacrosse Magazine dropped this week in the mailboxes of US Lacrosse members nationwide. Selfishly speaking, it's chock full of good stuff.

Cover girl Erin Fitzgerald of the Northwestern women's lacrosse team offers us all tickets to the gun show, a special fitness edition that also features the gargantuan Scott Rodgers, NCAA Division II final hero Ian "Man Child" Wild and UMBC women's coaches Kelly Berger and Amy Appelt. But that's not the only heavy lifting. You'll also find an 11-page "Work in Progress" package dedicated to diversity in lacrosse -- or in some cases, the lack thereof.

If I were you, this would be my to-do list upon receiving this magazine. (That is, if you're a member of US Lacrosse. If not, join today to enjoy LM and countless other benefits.)

1. Pick your "Starters" (page 8). We've got the best photographers in the land covering lacrosse. The photo spreads formerly known as "On Campus" have been moved to the front of the magazine to whet your appetite. Early fall ball art includes the debut of Michigan men's lacrosse against Providence.

2. See the Rocky Mountains from Chase Carraro's home away from home at the University of Denver in this month's "Off the Field." (page 28)

3. Try reading Scott Rodgers' bicep tattoos (page 34). Only he could fit "Obstacles we overcome give us the Strength to Endure" entirely on one muscle.

4. Read members' feedback on the polarizing Bratton brothers, who were featured on the cover of the September issue ("Mailbag," page 6).

5. Join the conversation on diversity in lacrosse (page 40), starting with this must-read roundtable featuring Chazz Woodson, Jenny Collins, Ginger Miles, Carlos Trujillo, Adam Silva, Emily Helm, John Sung and John Walker. How do we make lacrosse look more like the rest of America?

6. Join Syracuse and Team USA star Michelle Tumolo in a pre-game dance party ("Give and Go," page 72).

7. Learn why, "Yeah, you don't look like a lacrosse player," is not a good pickup line ("Her Space," page 62).

8. Become a better wingman with tips from LSM extraordinaire Steven Waldeck ("Your Edge," page 54).

9. Follow the example set by the wildly successful Mass Bay youth lacrosse leagues (page 24).

10. See why the Philadelphia Wings could be this year's worst-to-first story in the NLL (page 15).