November 1, 2010

Inside the November Issue of LM


Lacrosse Magazine: November 2010

When John Ortolani roars up to the gym in a bright yellow Yamaha motorcycle with a lacrosse stick strapped to his back, it's clear he's no ordinary laxer.

"I'm here six hours a day," said Ortolani, gesturing around the gym. "And I'm tired for five of them."

Wearing himself out suits the Boston Blazers' and Boston Cannons faceoff specialist just fine. Ortolani thrives on one-on-one competition.

"If I screw up, it's on me. If I do good, that's on me too," he said.

That attitude drove Ortolani to win nearly 70 percent of his faceoffs during his last two seasons at Endicott (Mass.) College, and to make his way into both the NLL and MLL. It's also why he's training to go pro in mixed martial arts.

Ortolani kicks off the return of Lacrosse Magazine's "Gym Rats" in the November issue, jam packed with 40-plus fitness and training tips for lacrosse players.


Cal Cuts Lax
Citing a statewide budget crisis, the University of California-Berkeley athletic department announced in late September that it would cut five sports, including women's lacrosse, after this academic year.

Lifestyles: Ben Quayle
If it's possible for the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle to enjoy some anonymity, Ben Quayle may have had that when he walked on to the Duke men's lacrosse team in 1995.

ZIP IT: 40207
Thanks to visionary Scott Howe and booming Division I programs at Bellarmine and Louisville (at right), lacrosse has a good foothold in Kentucky.

USL News & Notes: Women's Rule Changes Approved
US Lacrosse has increased the severity and accountability for major fouls for players, coaches and teams in its latest rule changes for high school, WDIA and youth play.


LM's Question of the Month: What inspires you when working out?
Writes Clara Bissell of Naples, Fla: "That one girl on that one team that we play once a season. She may not know it, but her butt is the one I'm after, and I'll be damned if I don't get it." You?


DJ Hessler, Tufts
DJ Hessler is hard to catch on the field -- he broke his own school record last season, putting up 91 points and leading Tufts to its first NCAA title in any sport. But he recently caught up with LM at the house he shares with seven teammates in Somerville, Mass., to talk about science, sports and why his school mascot is named after a dead elephant.


Camp Stories
What's a parent to do? Your child is a budding star -- or at least a good player hoping to become a star or just an average player looking to improve -- and you're desparately searching for a summer camp that will help your kid hone current skills and acquire new ones. The provlem is that finding the right camp, depending on a child's age, skill level and work ethic, can be a crapshoot. That is, unless you do you homework and use common sense.


Pointing the Way
Three games into the Denver Bandits' season, Scott Goettelman needed some help. So he leaned on an old friend: the US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program Level 2 curriculum. "I basically started over at square one," he said.

Gym Rats: Corcoran Downey
What's Down Is Up -- Chin-Ups, Inverted Row, One-Legged Squats

Midfielder Corcoran Downey arrived at Boston University never having done any methodical strength training. Four years later, Terriers coach Liz Robertshaw calls Downey's fitness "kinda unreal." The senior captain has both the biceps and accolades to prove it.

Gym Rats: Kory Kelly
Knight Moves -- One-Arm Dumbbell Row, Reverse Grip Bench Press, Hammer Curls

Kory Kelly was a lanky, 6-foot-3, 195-pounder when he blew out his right knee in the first game of his junior season at South Brunswick (N.J.) High School. As he underwent rehab, Kelly (at right) couldn't perform lower body weightlifting workouts. But he did find plenty of time to work on upper body strength. Witness the 6-foot-5, 225-pound behemoth at Rutgers today.

Gym Rats: Haley Smith
Small Packages -- Kettlebell Swings, Roman Chair Sit-Up, Squats
At 5-foot-2, Massachusetts women's lacrosse player Haley Smith is one of the Minutewomen's smallest players. However, her size makes her an ideal person for this issue of "Gym Rats" series because of how much muscle she packs into her legs and arms.

Gym Rats: John Ortolani
Mix Master -- Shadowboxing, Superman
Aspiring mixed martial arts professional John Ortolani transforms his body between sports -- the 5'8" midfielder went from being 185 during the Blazers' season to 155 to make weight for an October fight -- but toughness, core strength and fast footwork are common to both lacrosse and MMA.

New Bearings
Paris waterman is 5'3" and compactly built. Strong, but tiny. She often gets a slightly backhanded compliment from people who see her play. You play a lot bigger than you are. "Against whomever I play, I never feel small," said the Brown and Team USA standout. Waterman's athleticism, bravado and ambition have been the keys to her meteoric rise in the lacrosse world.

Awakening the Giant?
There may be roughly 40,000 students who attend Penn State's main campus in State College, Pa., but on a late sunday night in early September, a rare few -- maybe three -- pass by during a two-and-a-half-hour long Nittany Lions men's lacrosse practice. It's the perfect opportunity for tunnel vision. Not that Penn State's players need much help focusing, anyway. New coach Jeff Tambroni sets the tone.


Your Game: Shooting on the Mount
No matter how many times you've been told to shoot overhand, use bounce shots and square your hips and shoulders to the cage, you find the siren of a side-winding, low-to-high riser just too sweet to resist. There's nothing sexy about fundamentals. Why not make it look good? Mount St. Mary's men's lacrosse coaches offer two reasons: accuracy and velocity. Here are two drills they use to break bad shooting habits.

Your Game: Square Dance
There's no real recipe for building a dynasty. But ask Lindsey Munday what set Northwestern women's lacrosse apart from pretenders, and she could answer in one word: innovation. Try these moving stickwork drills Munday has installed as the new coach at Mount St. Mary's.

Your Playbook: Canadian Ground Balls
Objective: To focus players on ground balls in game-like situations. The drill forces players to communicate, gain possession under pressure, and then go to the goal.

Your Style: Ol' Saint Stick
For this edition of "Lax County Choppers," the guys at Stylin' Strings went the extra mile for a young laxer with a real passion for the Big Easy.


Chelsea Donaldson, Defender, C.W. Post
Chelsea Donaldson (at right) thinks lacrosse really needs a shot clock. Well, sometimes. Not all the time. This and other musings from the C.W. Post defender in this month's back-of-book Q&A.


To Our Members: Sign of the Times
LM editor Paul Krome comes through the door at the office feeling like he's in the locker room at Neyland Stadium, ready to charge onto the field in front of 100,000 screaming fans, thanks to the new US Lacrosse Anthem.

His Space: More Than A Lacrosse Guy
Joe Boylan is interesting to LM columnist Bill Tanton because he's more than a lacrosse guy. He is of a larger world.

Her Space: Card Games
Holy smokes, we are in for some changes to the red and yellow card system in the 2011 season, writes LM columnist Clare Lochary.

Open Space: A Tearful Reminder
While Brendan Looney's death most directly and profoundly impacts his large and loving family, including all of his Navy lacrosse brothers, it is the academy's loss. It's America's loss, writes guest columnist Bob Socci.

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