November 3, 2009

Inside the November Issue of Lacrosse Magazine


Lacrosse Magazine: November 2009

Want to make the jaws of the University of Florida football players drop?

Just flip a 450-pound tire for a few reps.

That’s what Team USA midfielder (and Gators assistant women’s lacrosse coach) Erica LaGrow did during her Lacrosse Magazine photo shoot, as the defending national champions wandered past on the way back from practice.

“It’s sort of like Olympic weightlifting, but your form isn’t as important, so it’s easier to learn,” says LaGrow.

If it makes All-American linebacker Brandon Spikes do a double take, it’s not easy.

So grab a sledgehammer and hit the nearest dirt loader for a spare tire, because it’s time to get gritty with these unique workouts.

They include 27 training tips from Lacrosse Magazine's designated gym rats.

LaGrow leads the way, with insights to her surprisingly-normal eating habits and visualization tactics, to boot.



Mark of a Champion
Two American classics have teamed up, and US Lacrosse members will have much to be thankful for as the holiday season draws near. Champion Athleticwear has signed as the official performance apparel of US Lacrosse in a landmark deal that includes discounts for members among its benefits.

Lifestyles: Jason Pinney
Having patrolled the opponents' attack zone as an all-league defenseman at Union College, Jason Pinney knows a thing or two about security. As an attorney for Bingham McCutchen, it's not a surprise that he's working to secure a future for a group of Uighur refugees in Guantanamo and for MetroLacrosse.


LM's Question of the Month: MLL or NLL? Which brand of pro lacrosse do you prefer and why?
Not that they're mutually exclusive, but everyone has an opinion on Major League Lacrosse vs. the National Lacrosse League. Which gets you the most juiced? Readers weigh in.


Life as a Philly fan in Columbus? Eh, Ohio State's Jimmy Green gets by.

© Gary Gardiner

Jimmy Green, Ohio State

Ohio State attackman Jimmy Green took us on a tour of his Columbus digs, and talked film and Philly sports with LM. (The obligatory Rocky poster is downstairs in the living room.)


Me Time
Like buying a car, selecting a college requires research before visiting dealers and taking vehicles for test drives. LM spoke with several coaches, players and one guidance counselor to help with some very important pregame prep.


Can't Tread on Her
To prep for Prague, Team USA's Erica LaGrow worked out with Matt Delancey, Florida's strength and conditioning coach for Olympic sports. She kicks off LM's "Gym Rats" package with these at-home fitness tips.

You Don't Know Squat
Get a leg up with Cornell stud Chris Langton, the Big Red's best conditioned player who demonstrates how squat variations can help lateral explosiveness and activate other lacrosse-specific muscles.

Spring Like a Cat
Weight training helped Northwestern's Danielle Spencer turn her 6-foot-2 frame into a weapon.

Bray Knows Bulk
Keep it simple, stupid. Virginia's Bray Malphrus demonstrates a few Olympic weightlifting routines that helped him add 30 pounds as a freshman.


Clan Destined
Are the Lowes the first family of lacrosse? No one in the family claims that, not even the patriarch, Alan Lowe. But if that distinction is determined by the number of family members in the National Hall of Fame, the Lowes have it.

Todd Curry
Syracuse wasn't always such a dominant force. One of the key architects of the current Syracuse dynasty was Todd Curry.

Pat Genovese
During her 27 years as the head coach of William Smith, where she has accumulated the second-most wins of any NCAA lacrosse coach -- man or woman -- in collegiate history, Pat Genovese had her chances to leave. She never did.

Cherie Greer
Perhaps the greatest player of her generation, Cherie Greer never gained the fame she rightly deserved. It's a cruel irony, considering her famous roots.

Jeff Long
Jeff Long says his accomplishments as a player at Navy, with Team USA and his superb coaching career at Ithaca pale in comparison to the elemental recollections he holds dearest.

Kevin Lowe
Well before he recorded either a goal or an assist for Princeton, attackman Kevin Lowe scored for the Tigers in a big way. They had their first big-time recruit. The rest was history.

Mark Millon
A 5-foot-6, 140-pound 14-year old discovered the game, got an opportunity and despite his modest frame developed into one of the sport's giants.

Jen O'Donnell
There are a lot of ways for lacrosse lovers to get involved in the game. For Jen Miller O'Donnell, the realm of women's lacrosse officiating has kept her going for the last 26 years.

Jess Wilk
Jessica Wilk went from walk-on to all-world, coming from virtually nowhere to become one of her sport's immortals.


How will Liberty University's new team mix the cross with lacrosse?

© Brendan Bush

God Squad
Play hard, pray hard. Under coach Megan Denham, Liberty University debuts an NCAA Division I women's lacrosse program this year. THe school is an evangelical Christian institution and will hope to achieve in lacrosse the national success it has had in women's basketball.


Your Game: The Buck Stops Here
Kevin Buchanan provides five keys to a successful two-man game that have helped him become one of the most versatile threats in lacrosse.

Your Body: ACL Injury Reduction Program
They're the most dreaded words in lacrosse: "I tore my ACL." LM strength and conditioning expert Rashad Devoe has program to help reduce the likelihood of having to say those words.

Your Playbook: For Training, Try the Buddy System
Want to see relentless hustle? Try pairing your players for conditioning and training drills, writes PCA's David Jacobsen.

Your Style: Dude, Where's My Stick?
It's irie, mon. Stylin' Strings drops a Rasta beat on Junior's Gait Diesel.


Kristen Coleman, Midfielder, Fairfield University

Stags star Kristen Coleman tells us why Mike Waldvogel will never go back to the men's game, why lululemon gear suits her long legs and wonders whether you'd rather be Babe Ruth or Tiger Woods.


To Our Members: Spot Me
LM editor Paul Krome pays homage to lacrosse's longstanding tradition of a pregame hand shake, and wonders why college football players are getting so geeky about it.

His Space: Our Business Is Good
Bill Tanton has seen things, man, and big-money sports ain't got nothin' on the soul of lacrosse.

Her Space: Lucky You
When Clare Lochary talks or even sees girls on a team, she's homesick -- not for a physical place, but a spiritual one.

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