December 1, 2009

Update: MM Raises $31K; DaSilva Wins

Men's Lacrosse Mustache Madness, a month-long fundraiser for the Prostate Cancer Foundation founded by Virginia players Ken Clausen and Todd Faiella, raised $31,189, organizers announced Tuesday.

Lacrosse Magazine's own Matt DaSilva came away with the Best 'Stache Trophy for his "Portuguese Persuasion."

"I'd like to thank my dad, the progenitor of Portuguese Persuasion, for giving me the follicles to succeed," DaSilva said. "On a more serious note, kudos to Clausen and company for putting this together for a worthy cause."

Scroll down for photos of Team US Lacrosse.

The highest fundraising team and winner of the Mad ‘Stache Trophy is Fans of Virginia Men's Lacrosse, which took the lead in the final minutes and brought home the win by raising $10,302.

* Men's Lacrosse Mustache Madness
* Dirty Dusters Unite (


Mustache Madness Infiltrates US Lacrosse

posted Nov. 23, 2009

Inspired by his own "fingerstache" and an Australian-turned-worldwide November tradition, Virginia All-American Ken Clausen has ignited a new phenomenon in the tight-knit lacrosse community: Men's Lacrosse Mustache Madness.

Across the country, college lax players and fans are growing mustaches as part of a month-long fundraiser for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Here at US Lacrosse, the men have embraced their dirty dusters for this noble cause. Even our brave ladies joined the effort, sort of. We thought we'd share our enthusiasm with some photos.

The rest is on you. Visit the Mustache Madness site and click "Donate" to make your contribution to Team USL or any of the individuals below.


“The strangest part about growing a mustache was that the added weight on my chin inadvertently pulled my left eyebrow down but left my right alone, making me look like Inspector Clouseau from 'The Pink Panther'.  Weird!”
-- Nathaniel "Chops and Chu" Badder

"My father and grandparents immigrated to this country from Portugal with the hope that one day I would do our heritage proud. Mission accomplished, don't you think? We could go all 'Major League' on this competition and lose another button for every $20 donated in my name. Ah, the timeless art of seduction."
-- Matt "Portuguese Persuasion" DaSilva

“Participating in the inaugural 'Mustache Madness' fundraiser has been quite an experience. It's literally the first time I have ever grown a ‘stache -- and much to my girlfriend and family’s dismay…it came in beautifully. To help out such a great cause really made all the terrified looks I got from mothers and young children worth it. I’m looking forward to next year. Congrats to Clausen for pulling this together – compelling and rich.”
-- Phil "Company Man" Rechio
"Note that I had to use conditioner on the beard to make it not as scruffy."
-- Tyler "Over/Under" Puckett

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