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posted 05.08.2013 at 11.19 a.m. by Lane Errington

US Lacrosse Foundation Launches 'Empowering Lives' Campaign

The US Lacrosse Foundation on Tuesday launched a new campaign and video entitled "Empowering Lives Through Lacrosse." Below is an excerpt from the campaign's printed piece:

The power of lacrosse is present every day in the lives of those lucky enough to be touched by our sport. Lacrosse is a gift that is meant to be shared. It touches lives in ways well beyond the playing field. Your contribution to the sport of lacrosse directly impacts US Lacrosse programs and services in greatest need, empowering us to change lives and strengthen the sport of lacrosse through a shared vision of excellence.

The Empowering Lives video centers on US Lacrosse programs and services in greatest need, including:

  • Annual support
  • First Stick Program
  • U.S. National Teams Program
  • Keeper of Lacrosse Project
  • Coaching Education Program
  • Officials Education Program
  • First Sport Society

Check out the video below, and visit US Lacrosse to learn more about the programs above and join the US Lacrosse Foundation in empowering lives through lacrosse.

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