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posted 02.06.2012 at 12.00 p.m. by JJ Gilbane

Gilbane: Captain's Practices; Classes, Season Begin

JJ Gilbane

Hey guys, it is great to be blogging again. It feels like it has been forever. A lot has happened since my last post two weeks ago. When we got back from winter break, we began to start workouts right away in preparation for our "conditioning test." This is a battle of not only physical and cardiovascular training, but a test of mental strength. Days before the test, you will see members of the team trekking around campus, avoiding stairs, hills, or any extra walking at all costs that could potentially tire out the legs more than necessary. Guys will stuff their bags with three or more bottles of water, constantly making sure they are hydrated enough for the upcoming workout. Every day that we get closer to the test, you will begin to hear more and more stories of nightmares and night terrors that people had about the upcoming conditioning test the previous night. While we prepared for our conditioning test, we were also continuing to work on our lacrosse skills as well.

With the help of our captain Rob Pannell, and the rest of the senior class, we had to make sure that the team was ready for our first practice. We were holding captain's scrimmages in late January, splitting up into teams such as private school vs. public school and odds vs. evens. These scrimmages are always a blast because we get out there and are usually grouped with different people and different lines than we are used to playing with. If someone gets hit or beat on defense, you can count on the opposing sideline to be hooting and hollering at the other team, attempting to get their squad fired up.

Getting back into practice and lacrosse also means getting back into classes and scheduling. We are lucky to have a lot of very experienced seniors on the team with the class selection process. We try to pass onto the younger guys on what classes are most interesting and what classes are most fun. One class that we all started in was "History of Rock Music," a class where on the first day we walked into the teacher blaring the song "Dance Yourself Clean," by LCD Soundsystem, in which she encouraged all of the students to come in and dance while they waited for class to start.

With both classes and team practices starting up, your free time goes from very little, to pretty much zero. Since practice started up on Feb. 1, we have had three team practices and one scrimmage. With a day off on Sunday, our focus now is our upcoming week of practice in preparation for our scrimmage against the Johns Hopkins Blue Jays on Saturday, Feb. 11. Our team is extremely excited to get out there and compete against our next opponent, but we have a lot of work to do this week in order to be fully prepared for another team coming to our turf. We take tremendous pride in protecting our field and making sure that we do the best we can to remain unbeaten on it all year, and it starts this Saturday. Thanks for reading and I will catch up with you in two weeks with my next posting.

Shout out to my senior class, love you guys.

Scott Austin, Matt Restaino, Brian O'Donnell, Chip Daugherty, Mitch McMichael, Roy Lang, Rob Pannell, and Chris Langton.

Best Wishes,

JJ Gilbane