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posted 03.05.2012 at 10.15 a.m. by JJ Gilbane

Cornell's Warm-Up Songs and Pump-Up Videos

JJ Gilbane

The season is finally here. It has been a long time coming, but as long as it takes to get here, once it starts, it flies by. At this point, we are fortunate enough to be 2-0 with wins against Binghamton and Army. After our game Saturday against Army, it is a quick turn around, as we begin to focus our attention on the Canisius Golden Griffins for our game against them this Tuesday. With the beginning of the season starting, we begin a whole new chapter of the year. Things like warm-up tapes, pump-up videos, and "JumboTron Dancing," are new and exciting pieces that have come into play now that games have started up.

The warm-up mix is a very hot topic when it comes to our pre-game preparation. As you can imagine, there is a wide variety of tastes in music on a team with 47 different guys, so compiling a group of songs that everyone will agree on is pretty much impossible. Guys like Connor Entenmann and Brian O'Donnell want strictly techno and Avicii remixes, while other guys like Ross Gillum, a native of Texas, want songs like "These Boots are Made for Walking" by Jessica Simpson. Luckily, when it comes to making the warm-up tape, the final cut is decided on by the seniors, which we agree on and then make our final CD.

Before most games and even practices, we usually find new ways to get excited and ready to play. Prior to our Army game, we watched a video tribute to Eamon McEneaney, a Cornell graduate in 1977, who won back-to-back national championships and was one of the best players to ever wear a Cornell uniform. The video showed his heart, hustle, and leadership when it came to playing lacrosse, as well as in his life. Sitting in the film room watching clips of the teams from the late '70s sprinting around and winning games got everyone jacked up to go take the field Saturday afternoon. But as excited as we get before our games, it is important that our fans get just as excited, which we try to accomplish by our new JumboTron videos.

One of our most interesting new developments on the team has been the new "dance videos" that come on during timeouts and at halftime of the seniors on the new JumboTron. One day about a month ago, all of the seniors and a couple juniors filmed a series of interviews and pump-up dance videos in front of a green screen that we were told would "maybe" be used once a game to try and get the crowd pumped up. They would ask us questions like, "Can you sing and dance to a song from a Disney Movie for us?" "Can you do the YMCA dance?" or "What was your favorite childhood toy." As harmless as all of these may seem, during every timeout a different clip comes on of someone dancing with music blasting and can be very embarrassing/hysterical. After the game at the reception, instead of hearing "great game" or "nice goal," you now -- thanks to the JumboTron -- hear things like, "Wow I had no idea you were such a bad dancer," or "You need to use way more hips in your dance to YMCA." It has made the post-game receptions and meeting up with friends after the game that saw the videos a very entertaining and humbling experience.

Thanks for reading,

JJ Gilbane