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posted 04.02.2012 at 10.57 a.m. by JJ Gilbane

Road Trips, Bus Movies, Roommates and Tan Lines

JJ Gilbane

After being on the road for just under a week, it was time to return home to Ithaca after our game against the University of Pennsylvania. Hours are spent on the bus attempting to find new ways to stay entertained, while trying to distract yourself from the fact that you are stuck on a crowded bus for an extended period of time. You attempt to cover every possible subject of interest that you and your friends can talk or debate over, but after a while you run out of ideas, and at this moment, the movie collection becomes the savior.

One of the most essential parts of a successful road trip is the selection of movies picked by our freshmen. These movies set the tone for the bus trips and can make the ride home a lot of fun or painful. In the past, we have had some very questionable movie decisions made the current junior class when they were freshman; episodes and movies such as, "Pimp My Ride" and the straight to DVD copy of "Legally Blonde 2", helped make everyone more upset than they already were. Our teams most popular and entertaining picks so far this year have been the first two movies of Austin Powers. Some of the one-liners and scenes in those movies leave the team saying the same quotes from the movies for days on end. Weeks and even months will pass by and you can still hear one or two daily "just to get things moving" quotes coming from the corner of the locker room where Kyle Ewanouski, Matt Restaino, and Scott Austin reside.

Once we hit campus, everyone is excited to get back to their own beds and be able to get a good night sleep. Sleeping in the same room as a teammate over spring break, as fun as it may be at first -- like having a sleepover as a kid -- can become difficult depending on who your roommate is. Discussions and/or arguments unfold over numerous issues that come about in the room. Topics such as television station, temperature of the room, or overall loudness of ones snoring can lead to hysterical stories the next day. Roy Lang, for example, before our Penn game, had to leave his room and sleep in bed with another teammate because his roommate, Tom Trasolini, was snoring so loud that the headboard of Roy's bed was vibrating against the wall.

On our first Monday on campus to start back up in the classroom, we were pleasantly welcomed by a cold front which forced us to go back to practicing in sweats after finally starting to getting used to practicing in shorts and t-shirts. As you can imagine, everyone on campus has developed a nice tan from their exotic vacations, backed with long elaborate stories of snorkeling with the dolphins or jet skiing in Punta Cana, while we attempted to compare our stories of what movies we watched on the bus or stories of someone getting in trouble for falling asleep in a team meeting. One thing that we do have in common with the regular students who went off on spring break are tan lines.

With a very hot and sunny spring break, some very interesting tan lines have begun to develop on our team. When practicing two or three hours outside every day in the same clothes and pads, tan lines darken very quickly. Jason Noble, for example, has an extremely tan section of his forearm between his where his glove ends and where his arm pad begins, while the rest of his arm is ghost white, leaving him with zebra-like stripes on his arms. Mitch McMichael has a few holes on his left shoulder from taking faceoffs, and has tan "spots." My personal favorite is Connor English's chin piece tan line that leaves half of his neck white and the other a lobster red. If the lacrosse shirts, shorts, or backpacks didn't tip you off already, these unique tan lines allows the entire campus to know who is a lacrosse player and who isn't.

Thanks for reading,

JJ Gilbane