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posted 04.01.2011 at 1.25 p.m. by Gary Lambrecht

After Breakout Game, Coppersmith Could Be Headed for Hopkins' First Midfield

Lee Coppersmith's breakout game against Virginia begs the question: will he move up to Johns Hopkins' first move permanently?

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One minute, Johns Hopkins sophomore midfielder John Greeley was down on the Homewood Field turf after taking a helmet-to-helmet shot from Virginia defenseman Matt Lovejoy. The next minute, sophomore midflelder Lee Coppersmith had been promoted from the second midfield out of necessity.

Coppersmith posted his first career hat trick, scoring all three of his goals in the second half of Hopkins' 12-11 upset victory.

He showcased the ability that brought him to Hopkins from Boca Raton, Fla. Each goal was unassisted, each was scored after Coppersmith initiated with a dodge down an alley from up top, and Coppersmith was equally accurate with both hands.

In each case, Virginia refused to slide to him.

"Running with the second midfield, I was drawing the pole (Virginia long-stick midfielder Bryan Malphrus)," Coppersmith said. "When I got bumped to the first midfield, [midfielder John] Ranagan had the pole, and I had a short-stick middie on me. That changes things."

The question is, how tempting will it be to pair Coppersmith with Ranagan some more on the first line?

Against North Carolina on Sunday, it could happen again, depending on how well Greeley -- who wobbled off the field last Saturday while clutching the arm of coach Dave Pietramala -- rebounds from the effects of an apparent concussion. Pietramala said earlier in the week he expected Greeley to play.

But down the road in 2011, the Blue Jays could be in need of another dynamic dodger and shooter to help them make a postseason run. That need could compel the coaching staff to find a new home for Coppersmith -- on the first midfield.