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posted 05.17.2013 at 2.40 p.m. by Gary Lambrecht

Cornell Asserts Its Trademark Hustle At Maryland's Expense

As much as Cornell eliminated Maryland on Saturday due to the dominating presence of Rob Pannell on attack, it was the overall identity of the Big Red that ruled the day in Cornell's 16-8 rout of the Terrapins.

One snapshot involving senior defenseman Jason Noble captured the essence of Cornell lacrosse. On a day in which Cornell's trademark hustle was on display for 60 minutes, a day in which the Big Red crushed Maryland in ground ball supremacy, 43-29, Noble shined brightly with 3:15 left in the third quarter.

With the Big Red in front, 9-6, a loose ball squirted out of traffic at Maryland's offensive end. As the ball rolled toward the far sideline, opposite the Cornell bench, Terps attackman Owen Blye appeared to run at about three-quarters speed in pursuit. Although Blye had about a five-yard lead on Noble, the Cornell senior went all out, and surprised Blye as he dove to Blye's right, just as the ball went out of bounds.

Cornell was awarded possession. The Big Red sideline went nuts. And a little more than two minutes later, Pannell scored to make it 10-6 and deflate Maryland tremendously.

"Everybody playing this time of year has talent," Noble said. "What separates teams this time of year is work ethic."