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posted 05.19.2011 at 8.15 p.m. by Gary Lambrecht

The Shooters Are Coming!!

With the NCAA tournament down to eight teams and the quarterfinals upon us, you can count on seeing a healthy dose of proficient and exceptional shooters this weekend. It's generally hard to get this far in May without them, and we're talking about the guys who find the back of the net at least 35 percent of the time.

Seventh-seeded Virginia and fifth-seeded Duke have had their issues throughout the spring on defense. Not so much on offense. Virginia averages 12.7 goals, and is there a better one-two punch than attackmen Chris Bocklet and Steele Stanwick? Each of them is shooting a shade under 41 percent, and Bocklet (38-for-93) finishes like The Terminator.

Duke is the only team left with four players -- Jordan Wolf, David Rotanz, Zach Howell and David Lawson -- that have made at least 35 percent of their shots while attempting at least three shots per game.

Just about everybody else has notably accurate weapons. No. 6 seed Denver has attackmen Todd Baxter (43.1 percent), Alex Demopoulos (38.7 percent) and Mark Matthews (35.5). No. 2 seed Cornell has Steve Mock (41.4) and David Lau (38.4). No. 3 Johns Hopkins has Chris Boland (43.2 percent). Maryland has Joe Cummings (43.1) and Ryan Young (41.3). No. 4 seed Notre Dame has Sean Rogers (45 percent). Top-seeded Syracuse has Stephen Keogh (35.5).

Bring on the shooters.