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posted 05.28.2011 at 7.50 p.m. by Gary Lambrecht

Denver Goalie Jamie Faus Suffered Through One of Those Days

The Denver Pioneers would not have made it to the NCAA tournament semifinals without freshman goalie Jamie Faus. The ECAC's Rookie of the Year came into the final four ranked 11th in the nation with a .570 save percentage, and was coming off a sparkling performance in a 14-9, quarterfinal victory over Johns Hopkins.

But in Denver's first-ever appearance on the sport's biggest stage Saturday against Virginia, Faus simply had one of those days a goalie must forget quickly.

From the outset of Virginia's 14-8 rout, Faus was never comfortable behind a defense that had its hands quite full against the hard-dodging, crisp-passing, sure-shooting Cavaliers. Virginia scored from inside, medium-range and had their way at times from the 14-to-16 yard range.

At times, Faus appeared to have trouble picking up the ball, as he failed to react to several shots that turned into goals. His nightmare could be summed up this way. Through three quarters, Virginia had built a fat, 13-4 lead. At that point, Faus had made four saves.

Denver coach Bill Tierney said he never thought about pulling Faus.

"We've been riding him all year," Tierney said. "If I pull a kid in front of 40,000 people in a game like this, I'll lose him for life."