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posted 03.08.2013 at 4.50 p.m. by Clare Lochary

Maryland Headgear Bill Pulled from House

Maryland General Assembly Delegate Dana Stein has withdrawn House Bill 1123, which would have required headgear for all girls’ lacrosse players under the age of 19 in Maryland.

The bill, originally introduced by Stein and co-sponsor Jon Cardin in February, was scheduled for a committee hearing on March 13. Following input from US Lacrosse on continuing efforts to increase safety through the development of headgear specific to women’s lacrosse and standardized, mandated coaches and officials education, Stein opted to pull the bill from the House floor.

“We allayed their concerns that nothing was happening with [regard to] safety in the women’s game, and we were able to explain the infrastructure and funding of our Sports Science and Safety Committee,” US Lacrosse president and CEO Steve Stenersen said Friday. “Once they were aware of that, the conversation expanded, and more important than equipment intervention, which we are doing, we think it’s more fundamentally important to focus on the education of players, coaches and officials."