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posted 04.22.2011 at 4-33 p.m. by Clare Lochary

All Hail: Warrior Deal Slays Record in English Premier League

Apparently you’ve all been buying a LOT of Warrior equipment because the company had the scratch on hand to make a record-setting deal with Liverpool FC, one of the world’s most famous sports franchises.

According to the Daily Mail, the Michigan-based company, known primarily for lacrosse and hockey equipment, struck a £25M-per-year (or about $41M) deal to be the official “kit” (uniform) provider for the Reds. This deal not only breaks the £23.3M-per-year record set by Nike and Manchester United, but it DOUBLES the £12M that adidas previously paid to sponsor Liverpool.

The article mentions that Liverpool is the fourth-best selling franchise in the world, after Man U, Barca and Real Madrid. Cool to see Warrior, our beloved men’s national team equipment sponsor, becoming such a player in the larger sports world. We hope that the deal is incredibly lucrative for them and they reinvest all the money into R&D and it results in some kind of crazy-good lacrosse equipment breakthrough.

We’re thinking invisible helmets. Same protection, better visibility. This is a totally realistic goal. Get on it, Warrior.