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posted 08.05.2011 at 10.40 p.m. by Covie Stanwick

U.S. U19 Team Blog: Covie Stanwick

Hey guys! Just checking in after the second game we played. We beat Canada 13-6 [on Friday] and it was a nice win. The beginning was a little scrappy, but we definitely pulled it together. And the fact that we already played Canada is kinda cool, because we get to see how we've progressed and it's definitely a lot better than it was.

We're sitting in the ice baths after the games, and we can hear the national anthems of other countries, and it's just a really cool experience. It's awesome. And the experience is just awesome, looking around, seeing all the other countries. I really like doing the gift exchanges before the games. I think that's really cool, because you get to see what they're giving you and what you're giving them.

Yesterday we played Japan and they were saying, "Oh cool," in Japanese when they got our gifts. It's so cool to see all the other cultures, and be able to mix and match. We are giving every other country a LiveStrong-style bracelet that says U.S. Women's Lacrosse and a flag pin. Japan gave us a keychain kind of thing, and Canada gave us a flag and a bracelet as well.

It's really cool staying in the hotel with the other teams. Germany is on our floor, so that's cool, because they're all so excited. They're blasting German techno all the time. There are balloons everywhere and signs on all our doors, so it's really cool.

In every elevator you run into people and wish each other luck. There's no bad spirit or bad sportsmanship here. It shows the community of lacrosse is getting bigger and it's a good, friendly community as well.

Tonight for dinner, we're just getting euros and we go get our own food in groups of six. Since I'm the pickiest eater ever, we've be trying to find the most American restaurants. Subway last night; Burger King two nights ago. I'm sure we'll go to McDonald's tonight.

None of us speak German, and not everyone here speaks English, so we have no idea what we're doing. Apparently some of the girls got a cheeseburger yesterday and it had some green stuff in it, and they didn't eat it. So we've been trying to find the most American things we can get!