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posted 08.10.2011 at 11.45 p.m. by Jen Cook

U.S. U19 Team Blog: Jen Cook

Midfielder Jen Cook lets us know how Team USA spent the day -- doing yoga, beating Scotland and rooting for Wales.

We woke up this morning, and then we had breakfast, and then we had team yoga. Our trainer Cheri runs it and we all lay on the floor exhausted, and spend 45 minutes just stretching. (Some people sleep.)

After that we had three hours of free time to get something to eat, so half our team ended up in Subway, of all places. And then we hung out back in our rooms, and then we got ready to come to the games. We drove over here and we played against Scotland and we beat them and it was a good game. It was fun – luckily the rain held off today. And then after that we were allowed to go with our parents or just hang around here or walk to get something to eat, and then we headed back to the main field to watch Wales play Australia.

We’ve made great friends with the Wales team and we’re here to root for them. We made friends with Wales during the opening ceremonies – they were right next to us and we started cheering for them and our coaches are friends. Actually, today my roommate Tatum Coffey and I were in a coffee shop and the two Wales coaches come walking in and there was this huge line, so they gave us money and said, “You can get whatever you want, but just please get us some coffee.”

Tomorrow we have a day off of games. We’ll practice for an hour, hour and a half. But we don’t play again until Friday. I love game day – it’s fun to hear your name called, and the national anthem, that whole deal. Off the field, my favorite thing about the tournament is just hanging out with these girls on the team, who we met a year ago now. We’ve become really good friends. Hanging out in the hotel room is so much fun, and so is being able to walk around and have so much freedom down at the local festival.