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posted 08.12.2011 at 9.00 p.m. by Kelsey Duryea

U19 Team Blog: Kelsey Duryea

Team USA's GK tells us what's what with winning a semifinal and going to the championship game.

Yesterday was  a rest day. We went shopping (I bought a Longchamp purse) and lunch (Subway) and went back to the hotel and watched Shark Week in the room. We missed it last week so I wanted to catch up. Then we went and just hung out and went to a German place for dinner.

Today we went to breakfast and then a couple of us went to the top of the Town Hall directly across from our hotel. (They wouldn’t let us go back to bed and we needed something to keep us awake.) We walked around a little bit and we really got fired upon the way over to the game, listening to Party Anthem by LMFAO.

A lot of times, warm-ups are the place that either makes me or breaks me, and today when Coach Chumley was warming me up, I was stepping hard to the ball and really just focusing on the ball. I thought to myself, "Today’s the day. I’m going to go out there, and play better than I have all tournament.” I really think that each day I step up my game a little bit, so today was awesome.

On my crazy diving save: There were two girls coming in from England and I came out to maybe intercept a pass and it didn’t happen. So I found myself on the 8 with one girl coming in, and tried to play a little defense (didn’t really know what to do!) and then she passed to the girl on the crease and I just stuck my stick where hers was and luckily I got it.

I was very surprised to get player of the game! Some people thought Tatum would get it – it’s her birthday – but I was really surprised to hear it. It was really exciting.

It's really crazy to be going to the championship, finally. We were doing our cool-down lap and Taylor Trimble and I always run together, and we were yelling “We’re going to the ‘ship! We’re going to the ‘ship!” and it was awesome.

We have our last team dinner tonight at Maredo, which is our go-to here. Probably going to get a nice steak and just hang out as a team…and maybe pack a little bit.