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posted 08.13.2011 at 11.00 p.m. by Alyssa Blevins

U.S. U19 Team Blog: Alyssa Blevins

Defender Alyssa Blevins gives us the inside scoop on what it feels like to wear a gold medal, what everyone wears to the post-game banquet, and where that medal is right now.

Hi everyone back at home! The championship game was incredible, it was cool. I was really nervous at first. I was like, “Jeez, we’re losing! We haven’t been in this situation.” But I think it was good for us to be in that situation – to deal with coming back and put our skills to the test. It was great to play down and actually have to work together as a team to come back up.

The offense did really well. They moved it around the goal and we went through our plays, Stars, Stripes and Eagle, and Kelsey definitely did great in cage. She kept coming out because she was trying to make our clears and we couldn’t get open because they were blocking us, faceguarding us so well.

When the time stopped, I didn’t believe it. I was like, “Oh my gosh, it’s over. It’s over!” That hits you. I ran to Kelsey and gave her a huge hug because she did so well. We were in a pile, jumping on everyone.

it was incredible to actually get the gold medal. It was like nothing I’ve ever done. It felt so good. It’s one thing to put on the Team USA uniform, and then to play with a team of that stature, but then to win the gold, it was an incredible feeling. I don’t even know how to explain it. It was awesome.

After the game was the closing banquet. It was SO nice. I’m used to everyone in ponytails and prewrap, but then you see everyone’s hair down and it’s like, “Wow, your hair’s so long” or “Wow you look so pretty with your dress and your make-up!” Team Japan, their outfits were incredible! It was so cool! They wore traditional kimonos. I loved it. I snuck a picture. It was so cool. Wales had red roses in their hair, black dresses and a red sash. They looked so good.

I actually won an award too, the Heart of Lacrosse award. Every team has a winner. I was sitting there and they were talking about this award, about the person who does stuff for everyone else, and I’m like, “Oh, that has to be Sarah, our manager. Or Cheri, our trainer, because she’s done so much for me with my ankle, and training me and saving me and always being there for me.” And then I heard, “Alyssa…” and I was like, “Is there another Alyssa?” and then “…Blevins.” And I was like, “Dude, that’s me! This is…this is not right. How did I win this award? This is crazy.” I was so happy. It was cool. It was the only award given out besides the All-World Team. It was cool to be given that from the coaches. For them to think that much of me, it was really incredible.

What will I remember from this tournament? It’s kinda like this: I think I’ll remember everything. The coaches definitely will hold a spot in my mind. Porch is the best head coach I’ve ever had. I’ve played against her before, because C. Milton plays John Carroll, and it was cool to be on her sideline instead of her opponent. Just playing on the field with all the other countries was unreal. Like playing Australia, and seeing Jen Adams right there, and even just seeing all the people on my team in another country. And I took German in school, so it’s so cool to be here. So next year I’ll be like, “Oh, when I was in Germany playing….” I think I’ll just remember everything. I can’t narrow it down to anything.

Right now, my medal is in my bag – my carry-on bag. It’s NOT going in my suitcase. My dad owns a sports store, so I think he wants to frame it and hang it up in his store. So that will be cool to walk in there, where I help out in the summer, and say, “Hey, that’s mine! That’s my medal! We actually won!”