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posted 1.29.2013 at 5.35 p.m. by Clare Lochary

2013 Women's National Team By the Numbers


Here a few quick numbers to contextualize the 2013 U.S. women’s national team, which was announced earlier today.

10 – Returners from 2009. The team that competed in Prague were all FIL rookies; more than half of the team that will compete in Oshawa will be veterans.

3 – NCAA Division I coaches. Albrecht (New Hampshire), Munday (USC), Oliver (Cincinnati). All three are in their first years as head coaches.

6 – NCAA Division I assistants. Carr (Delaware), Dowd (North Carolina), Falcone (Vanderbilt), McFadden (Maryland), Rowan Syracuse), Wills (USC).

2 – Current NCAA players. Etrasco (BU), Schwarzmann (Maryland). Both are seniors.

6 – Tewaaraton finalists. Dowd (2010), Falcone (2009), Rowan (2008), Russell (2010), Schwarzmann (2012), McFadden (2010).

2 – Tewaaraton winners. Schwarzmann(2012), McFadden (2010).

6 – States represented on the roster, led by Maryland (7) and Massachusetts (4). Devon Wills, who is from Colorado, is the only player from a state not on the East Coast.

3 – Northwestern alums. Albrecht, Dowd, Munday.

3 – North Carolina alums. Carr, Falcone, Russell.

2 – Duke alums. Bullard, Heuther.

2 – Maryland alums. McFadden, Schwarzmann.

1 – Princeton alum. McGarvie Reilly.

1 – Ohio State alum. Oliver.

1 – Syracuse alum. Rowan.

1 – Dartmouth alum. Wills.

1 – JMU alum. Berger.

1 – Vanderbilt alum. Carey.

1 – BU alum. Etrasco.

1 – BC alum. Igoe.

Notes: Carey, Etrasco, and Igoe are the first women’s national team members ever from their respective schools. Carey was on the 2007 U19 team, but this selection also makes her the first Commodore to play for the women’s senior team…the seven players from the 25-team roster who did not make this round of cuts (Brittany Dashiell, Katie Hertsch, Liz Hogan, Kelly McPartland, Shannon Smith, Michelle Tumolo, and Laura Zimmerman) are expected to continue training with the team…FIL rosters allow for two alternates to be selected in addition to the 18-player roster. The Team USA staff will do that closer to the start date of the tournament in July.