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March 3, 2009

Lacrosse Magazine: Digital Edition

For more than 30 years, Lacrosse Magazine has brought complete coverage of the sport to the mailboxes of lacrosse enthusiasts around the globe. Now you can check out the print version of the magazine right on your computer.

The digital version of Lacrosse Magazine includes all of the print content, with the added benefit of live links to further content on the Web, including the latest and greatest gear from our advertisers. Check out the digital version of the February issue, and you’ll be zipping around the magazine in no time.

The digital version of the February, March and April issues of Lacrosse Magazine will be available for free on the Web as we go through a testing phase. Beginning with the May issue, the digital version will be available exclusively to US Lacrosse members. Join US Lacrosse today to help support the sport and to make sure you don’t miss a page of the sport’s premier publication.

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