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posted 01.22.2013 at 5.34 p.m. by Corey McLaughlin

Huguely Appeals for New Trial for Third Time

Former Virginia men's lacrosse player George Huguely, who was convicted in the murder of Cavaliers women's player Yeardley Love and sentenced to 23 years in prison, has appealed for a new trial for a third time, according to the Associated Press and other media outlets.

The appeal was filed Tuesday with the Virginia Court of Appeals in Richmond by Huguely's new legal team. They argue there were a number of "constitutional and procedural errors" in the trial that they wish to appeal.

According to the AP, Huguely's attorneys say the circuit court judge should have temporarily suspended the trial when one of Huguely's lawyers became ill midway through and that prosecutors failed to disclose that Love's family planned a $30 million civil suit against Huguely.

"Today's legal filing speaks for itself," Huguely's mother, Marta Murphy, told ABC News in a statement. "We have faith in our legal system and look forward to the appeals process ahead. George continues to have the love and support of his family."

Huguely attorneys have filed motions for a new trial twice before and have been denied both times, most recently in September.

Love's mother, Sharon Love, has filed two lawsuits seeking nearly $60 million. One is against Huguely while the other claims the University of Virginia and athletic department officials and coaches ignored Huguely's drinking and violent behavior.