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posted 02.11.2012 at 10.00 a.m. by Corey McLaughlin

Huguely Cries as Interrogation Shown

George Huguely broke down in court crying Friday, as prosecutors showed video of his interrogation by police in the hours after Yeardley Love's death.

In the video, according to numerous media reports out of Charlottesville, Va., a detective tells Huguely that Love was dead after he had answered questions about the night's events following his arrest.

"She's dead? How is she dead?" Huguely asked repeatedly in response, according to ABC News. "Please, please tell me she is not dead."

Huguely screamed and cried in the video and broke down again in Charlottesville Circuit Court Friday as the interrogation was shown to jurors. Until Friday, Huguely had appeared largely emotionless in the court.

On the tape, Huguely said he had drank heavily the day before Love's death at a father-son golf outing. He said he drank beer while playing and wine at dinner that night. Huguely "estimated to a police officer that he had as many as 20 drinks," that day, according to ABC.

Love had also spent much of that day drinking, ABC said. An autopsy determined that her blood alcohol level was about twice the legal limit.

Multiple outlets referred to Friday as the most riveting day of the nearly weeklong trial so far. Defense attorneys have yet to present their case.

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